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  1. Amelie,

    Like many others, I use both EN and ON. I use EN on my phone and is my primary web clipping, note-taking and all-around "go-to". Onenote is (for me), primarily professional use and long-term documentation. We store our incident reports, some passwords (we're getting a real password solution, so that won't be the case much longer), weekly reports, and system documentation (I'm in IT security). So, quite often, I'll move some EN notes to OneNote and update them into full documents.

  2. I have one tag, titled "1-Now", that is not being recognized as a tag when I email into EN. All other tags, notebooks, and reminder items are being recognized - even if the other items are both before an after this one.


    For example, I have a subject line that reads: 


    "Do X Item for Person Y @Action Pending #@work #Ticket #1-Now !tomorrow"


    This correctly processes it into Action Pending, with the tags of "@work" and "Ticket", and gives a reminder of 8/8/2013. 


    However, the 1-Now tag is not recognized, and my EN note is titled, ""Do X Item for Person Y#1-Now".



    Does the email-into-EN system not like numbers that start tag names?



    I have checked to ensure the tag exists - I've even copied and pasted its format from the web into my subject line.

  3. EN is my to-do list, being that it's easier to search by multiple tags, in addition to web-sharing for notes. I use a slightly modified GTD system, and everything I need to accomplish goes in there. It's also more fully cross-platform to Linux, assuming I use NixNote. It's small, fast, has reminders in Android (and I can't wait until they're in Windows), allows email-to-note with notebook and tag support. That way, I can tell somebody what to put in the subject line, and they can directly put something into my to-do list, along with a priority and project tag.


    ON, however, is my long-term documentation. Recipes, Project outlines, my book outline/mind map, etc. Anything that I intend to keep long term winds up in ON. Also, I use it like a virtual notebook, as that's what it was designed around - hence, I use it for my school notes. The ability to type anywhere on the page is a big deal for me. Also, with my company being such a big Microsoft shop, I got the entire Office 2013 package for $10 for home use, and we use ON heavily in the office, making note sharing with my colleagues much easier. 

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