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  1. Same issue http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/32377-printing-problems-font-size-italics-and-underlining/
  2. Still an issue with version 5.0.2 - this is getting laughable... Printing is basically a joke - here are the steps I have to do to print out a note from evernote: Edit - Select All Edit - Copy Open Word Paste Edit - Select All Change font size from 13.5 to 10pt Fix up other formatting errors Finally print from Word
  3. This is ridiculous - two years and still no fix!! New release 5.0 on Windows 7 and still getting this bug - very frustrating...
  4. Just jumping in here to say that I came across this issue a couple days ago. Mostly because I rarely print anything. However I really needed to print this info out to give to someone and was shocked how big the text was. What should have taken two or three pages was six pages long. So then I thought well I'll just paste it into Word - again somehow the 10pt got change to 14pt. So then I had to resort to pasting as text and re-applying all the formatting. Not fun. Seems to occur on all my notes. Wish you would fix this soon because printing is basically useless right now... Using Windows 7 and EN
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