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  1. DTLow - appreciate the reply. The Evernote Helper is great for taking quick notes. The shortcuts is where it's at, definitely use those on occasion. Ctrl-Option-Command+N works especially well if the main window is minimized (Ctrl-M), so it doesn't come up on a new note.
  2. Hi, We can be a LOT more productive if we can create new notes faster - especially through the MacOS dock. Chrome does this already, other apps do too. See sample screenshot from Chrome. "New Note" is the only one I'd really want to have, but you could definitely add different ones like "Create a Reminder". Cheers
  3. Thanks for your reply, Wordsgood. It's good to know that this feature exists on Android. I am a premium subscriber and did submit a ticket request per your suggestion. The answer I got back is that they'll escalate it to development/product team, although I'm not too hopeful because I just searched through my emails and apparently I've submitted this same ticket on 11/16/13 and got the same answer back - that's 8 months ago, so I guess addressing this isn't a priority. I'm surprised that more people aren't reporting this or maybe they're just living with lack of functionality (which would be sad). Thanks again and will keep hoping for a fix.
  4. Hello, Following feature should be out of box, but still hasn't been implemented, so I'll try posting here. Use case is when selecting a few lines of text in a note and hitting the "checkbox" button, a checkbox should be inserted at the beginning of each line and existing text should stay as was. This works on desktop apps, this is also the behavior for every desktop productivity application. On iOS version of Evernote, this deletes all selected text and replaces it with one checkbox. IMO, this needs to be addressed. Thanks
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