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    So why should we trust you or even be excited about your promise when actions speak to the contrary? I ask this not to troll but to see if you are man of your word. And is this something worth investing time into. From testing beta to following its progress to actually sticking with your product vs alternatives such as Onenote for example. Can you please answer my question and prove that we the loyal users are not being brutally ignored once again. Thank you.


    I'm sorry that you feel this way, but I can tell you that we hear you and we do care... this is precisely why we're making it a priority to be more responsive.  Beyond that, we will just have to earn your trust by following through.  


    Fair enough. I am willing to wait for a little longer and see what happens. That being said, would it be too much to ask for you to post screenshots or even better a video showcasing what is new and what is expected for the new editor. I don't want to try beta just yet since last few betas had bugs and broke some things that worked before and I was forced to go back a version. Having many valuable notes and relaying on it of daily use, but also eager to see what is new. I would appreciate some more visual information demonstrating what are the new features. Thank you.


  2. Appreciate the update, seems to be on the right track now. But, I really find useful the update all other browsers received, a more cleaner and more useful way to clip, LinkedIn, Youtube etc. Any chance of getting that in Firefox soon? As for Firefox approval period, don't worry about it, just post an update here on on their website and keep us notified. That is all we ask. Thank you.


  3. If you want to automate it a bit, and you have some Excel skills:

    1. Go to all notes in list view, select a note and then hit CTRL-A to select all the notes
    2. Hit CTRL-C to copy all the note information in the columns
    3. Open Excel
    4. Paste, match destination formatting
    5. Sort by title
    6. You now have all of the note list information in Excel and you can write a title compare calculation to quickly find the dups.
    7. Copy/paste the title from Excel to EN search bar if you want to fix

    Fairly quick and painless process if you feel compelled to remove the dups, FWIW.

    I tried that but seem so far that jbenson2 suggestion of deleting them manually after sorting them by title seems to work the best. Luckily as I record them with web cliper usually there are some images that show up when viewing notes as snipets. So its easier to spot the duplicates based on the thumbnails. Thanks for the suggestion though. :) 


  4. I think jbenson2's suggestion is the best, but you can also review the "Related Notes" list at the bottom of each Note.

    Of course, this would be very time consuming.


    I don't look for dups.  I follow JB's suggestion of delete dups when I find them (which is rare)

    Yeah, it seems most of the duplicates come from the same website. So its easier to find them and delete them.

  5. Sort by the "Title" and view the notes as you scroll downwards.

    If that is too many, then narrow the results by searching for a key word you think might be a duplicate.


    I have over 30,000 notes with very few duplicates. I doubt that Evernote would add a deduplication feature. A duplicate note is not much of a problem for most users. When they come across a duplicate, they just delete it. 

    Thanks. That seems to be the best solution so far. Having some automated feature or warning would be nice, but I guess for now it will have to do. :)

    Would you like to see such a feature?


  6. Hi, everyone


    How can I find and delete duplicate notes?


    Been using Evernote for a while now, and I'm currently using mainly old school folder structure. Having over 5000 notes. Probably about half of them are from clearly and web clipper, just capture websites. Having folder structure and partly tagged notes helps but still there are some duplicates I am sure. How would I find and delete them.


    Using Evernote on Windows 8.1 64x - premium user.


    Thank you.

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