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  1. I'm sorry that you feel this way, but I can tell you that we hear you and we do care... this is precisely why we're making it a priority to be more responsive. Beyond that, we will just have to earn your trust by following through. Fair enough. I am willing to wait for a little longer and see what happens. That being said, would it be too much to ask for you to post screenshots or even better a video showcasing what is new and what is expected for the new editor. I don't want to try beta just yet since last few betas had bugs and broke some things that worked before and I was forced to go
  2. I appreciate the attempt to implement new features, God knows Evernote is in desperate need of note editor because even note editor in forums here is better. That being said, a legitimate concern and question I have to ask, based on the quote from you posted above. I'm sure you can understand. Perhaps you personally are not responsible for any of it but you do wear Evernote banner so in a way you are part of the organization. You said "We can promise to listen to your feedback and work tirelessly to make every version of Evernote’s editor better than the last. If you have feedback on the edito
  3. Appreciate the update, seems to be on the right track now. But, I really find useful the update all other browsers received, a more cleaner and more useful way to clip, LinkedIn, Youtube etc. Any chance of getting that in Firefox soon? As for Firefox approval period, don't worry about it, just post an update here on on their website and keep us notified. That is all we ask. Thank you.
  4. Great ideas, I have one more to add. Finding and deleting duplicates automatic mode. Often it can happen if one is clipping lots of articles from around the web.
  5. Dozens of tabs i any browser is probably going to be a problem, just because of the browser. That being said, does the CPU load decrease when clipping is done? I disagree. I have reagurally open up to a 100 tabs in a browser (Firefox) and there is no issues. Even Clearly and older verion of web clipper work fine, only the new one clearly has memorry issues. The CPU is not really the problem its the memorry and generaly slugishess after install. And it is slow no matter if you are clipping or not.
  6. Beyond personal preference, Firefox offers special addons that I can't find alternatives for in Chrome There are other reasons as well. Besides. Firefox is the only browser that has full color management support, if Chrome ever gets it let me know. In the meantime I will use Firefox. I have wide gamut monitor and it's unusable without color managed applications.
  7. Still a lot of memory usage. I'm on Firefox 34, and when I'm using it with no web clipper, with 50 tabs open its 600 MB of memory or so. As soon as I install web caliper it goes to 1600 MB and stays there, plus everything is slow, the UI I mean. I uninstall web cliper and it's back to normal.Clearly there is some kind of issue.
  8. For me, regarding memory issues, it doesn't matter how I use it. I think the moment it is installed, Firefox UI responsiveness goes down. Once its uninstalled it works fine again.
  9. I can confirm this as well. The addon makes the whole Firefox interface very slow and loading pages is slow as well. Only in Web Cliper 6 beta, not the earlier versions. I have to use Cliper instead now. Web cliper as is can't be used, make everything in Firefox so slow. please fix that.
  10. Unless I'm missing something, how can it be considered release candidate when it's little more than clearly. still missing, pretty much all the functionality of Chrome. As you wrote yourself. Not expected to work in this version: - Post clip dialog - Native clipping component - Sharing - Selection clipping not implemented - Smart filing - Keyboard shortcuts - Related notes on Google & other search engines When can we expect the same functionality as the one in Chrome?
  11. I have a question about the size of the extension. It's huge, 8 MB. No other extension for firefox that I have seen is more than few MB. Why the size difference?
  12. I tried that but seem so far that jbenson2 suggestion of deleting them manually after sorting them by title seems to work the best. Luckily as I record them with web cliper usually there are some images that show up when viewing notes as snipets. So its easier to spot the duplicates based on the thumbnails. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  13. Yeah, it seems most of the duplicates come from the same website. So its easier to find them and delete them.
  14. Thanks. That seems to be the best solution so far. Having some automated feature or warning would be nice, but I guess for now it will have to do. Would you like to see such a feature?
  15. Hi, everyone How can I find and delete duplicate notes? Been using Evernote for a while now, and I'm currently using mainly old school folder structure. Having over 5000 notes. Probably about half of them are from clearly and web clipper, just capture websites. Having folder structure and partly tagged notes helps but still there are some duplicates I am sure. How would I find and delete them. Using Evernote on Windows 8.1 64x - premium user. Thank you.
  16. I don't think that is the reason. It's the policy of Evernote that annoys everyone. There is overwhelming number of evidence here on blog and forum about it. You can look for it yourself. Loyal and eager users, including paying premium ones like myself requesting information about development and all they hear is echo. No response from Evernote. This was true for evernote on Windows vs. MAC and it's features for very long time. It was true for Android vs. iOS as well and other platforms. People are frustrated for that and not that one is harder to make or talks longer than the other. But for
  17. Thanks, I remember trying hat one over the S3, but it had a bug and one of the finished downloads remain forever. I will either try it again or wait for the final release of Web Clipper where I hope the Evernote can fix the compatibility issues. Thanks once again.
  18. After much disabling and re-enabling extensions, I've found the conflict - apparently the Web Clipper and Download Manager (S3) don't like each other. I can live without that, though, and the Web Clipper looks great, though I haven't tried it much yet. Yes you are right, Loramir. That was the problem, good job on finding the source. I don't want to lose the Download Manager (S3), though. I would appropriate the Evernote team resolve that conflict. That being said, and now that I finally got to try it out. It is a bit of a let down. Many of the features, are still missing to make it as the o
  19. Thank you. Please post an update here so we know that it's available to test. And please if it's not too much trouble check with Firefox 32 beta, it's already in beta stage. Usually stable and just minor updates but still please check. Thank you.
  20. Common guys it took you ten thousand years of silence about development, and now you asking us to test it but you are still not providing any feedback as to how to use it. Information please.
  21. I am using Firefox 31 RC2 on Win 8 x64 Installed and reinstalled the web cliper and it does show in my addons but I can't use it since I can't get the icon to show anywhere. In my custimaze menu there is nothing about web cliper and nowhere among icnons in the Firefox UI. Please help. What am I doing wrong?
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