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  1. Appreciate the update, seems to be on the right track now. But, I really find useful the update all other browsers received, a more cleaner and more useful way to clip, LinkedIn, Youtube etc. Any chance of getting that in Firefox soon? As for Firefox approval period, don't worry about it, just post an update here on on their website and keep us notified. That is all we ask. Thank you.
  2. Great ideas, I have one more to add. Finding and deleting duplicates automatic mode. Often it can happen if one is clipping lots of articles from around the web.
  3. Well, looks like the high CPU usage and memmory problems have been fixed for me. Been using it enough to know that whatever you did its differnt than from the last version. Pretty much everything seems to be working now. At first it would not clip some pages at some random times, but as if over time got trained to know what I want and somehow the problems went away. I can't replicate it but either way right now I am happy wiht it, works as it should.
  4. Finally, but the link says Firefox Web Clipper 6.0.17 beta. Can you please double check the link. Thank you.
  5. Finally, but the link says Firefox Web Clipper 6.0.17 beta. Can you please double check the link. Thank you.
  6. Works fine for me when clipping most of the time, but horribly slows down Firefox after short use. UI becomes dead slow and lagging. This has been the issue for over a year, and of all the Firefox extension this is the only one that does this, come on guys. Can't you write a normal extension like everyone else. It's been over a year. BTW. This has been confirmed by me in previous pots and other people on this forum. Your extension is unusable since it effects Firefox resources so badly. Please fix this ASAP. Thank you.
  7. Dozens of tabs i any browser is probably going to be a problem, just because of the browser. That being said, does the CPU load decrease when clipping is done? I disagree. I have reagurally open up to a 100 tabs in a browser (Firefox) and there is no issues. Even Clearly and older verion of web clipper work fine, only the new one clearly has memorry issues. The CPU is not really the problem its the memorry and generaly slugishess after install. And it is slow no matter if you are clipping or not.
  8. Beyond personal preference, Firefox offers special addons that I can't find alternatives for in Chrome There are other reasons as well. Besides. Firefox is the only browser that has full color management support, if Chrome ever gets it let me know. In the meantime I will use Firefox. I have wide gamut monitor and it's unusable without color managed applications.
  9. Still a lot of memory usage. I'm on Firefox 34, and when I'm using it with no web clipper, with 50 tabs open its 600 MB of memory or so. As soon as I install web caliper it goes to 1600 MB and stays there, plus everything is slow, the UI I mean. I uninstall web cliper and it's back to normal.Clearly there is some kind of issue.
  10. For me, regarding memory issues, it doesn't matter how I use it. I think the moment it is installed, Firefox UI responsiveness goes down. Once its uninstalled it works fine again.
  11. I can confirm this as well. The addon makes the whole Firefox interface very slow and loading pages is slow as well. Only in Web Cliper 6 beta, not the earlier versions. I have to use Cliper instead now. Web cliper as is can't be used, make everything in Firefox so slow. please fix that.
  12. Precisely. I remeber Mr. Phill said in his conference, "we did not got rid of the old design, because quite frankly we were afraid to." And they should be. Loyal paying user base of evangelists that made this company is feeling that Mr.Phil is not listening to us, but purses his own strange vision. Steve Jobs he is not, whatever he may think of himself. And instead of hiding behind the wall of silence, it would be good business to listen to people who were the key component in the company's rapid growth by evangelizing Evernote. I for one, would not be against "work chat", except I feel it has been forced down our throats while there are thusands of people on this forum requesting, complaining if not begging for features that actually make Evernote improved. It is clear for what I understand that Mr.Phil's strategy is to continue to favor one platform over another, preach "elegant minimalistic" UI design, ignore the user requests, not only by not replaying and favoritism but also by not even showing they care. The company policy on how to treat it's customers, payed of not is quite frankly appalling. From "comments disabled" on it's youtube channel to ignoring Forum users as much as it is possible, not reveling any time frame of it's development while at the same time trying to sell us wallets and thermo bottles directly from the app. Or when they make ads and blog posts of the new features, (Mac only) that gets conveniently not mention every time. It's funny how work chat got updated on all platforms but the features we asked for over and over and over again have not. And when there is an updated it's in most cases first Mac. But the paying premium users such as myself have not been offered a chance to pay for the service we are getting, instead we are being charged the same but with less features. And there is no explanation why or any accountability from the company. Just wall of silence. That is what I call appalling. Regarding the Web UI. I will try once again, but it will fall on deaf ears I'm sure. There isn't much that have not been said in this thread already. Lack of features that were always there, not an easy intuitive way to go back to old UI, too much white space, that looks like way too much white space on a large monitors, since the UI doesn't scale. It's almost 2015. that should be unacceptable. Overall, the vision of minimalistc design is not bad per se, but it should never be an only option, but an option that is seemless integrated in the standard fully functional UI.
  13. Unless I'm missing something, how can it be considered release candidate when it's little more than clearly. still missing, pretty much all the functionality of Chrome. As you wrote yourself. Not expected to work in this version: - Post clip dialog - Native clipping component - Sharing - Selection clipping not implemented - Smart filing - Keyboard shortcuts - Related notes on Google & other search engines When can we expect the same functionality as the one in Chrome?
  14. I have a question about the size of the extension. It's huge, 8 MB. No other extension for firefox that I have seen is more than few MB. Why the size difference?
  15. I tried that but seem so far that jbenson2 suggestion of deleting them manually after sorting them by title seems to work the best. Luckily as I record them with web cliper usually there are some images that show up when viewing notes as snipets. So its easier to spot the duplicates based on the thumbnails. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  16. Yeah, it seems most of the duplicates come from the same website. So its easier to find them and delete them.
  17. Thanks. That seems to be the best solution so far. Having some automated feature or warning would be nice, but I guess for now it will have to do. Would you like to see such a feature?
  18. Hi, everyone How can I find and delete duplicate notes? Been using Evernote for a while now, and I'm currently using mainly old school folder structure. Having over 5000 notes. Probably about half of them are from clearly and web clipper, just capture websites. Having folder structure and partly tagged notes helps but still there are some duplicates I am sure. How would I find and delete them. Using Evernote on Windows 8.1 64x - premium user. Thank you.
  19. I like the new web UI and it's a move in the right direction I think. Old UI was a bit clumsy for web, and the new one also looks much nicer. Two Questions though? Is there a way to get a complete list of all the features that have been changed or are missing in the new web version compared to the previous one? Thank you. I just tried sharing a note and when I check the shared link online it still features the old UI. Since mostly I share to others to view a note, having a cleaner UI would be the way to go, right? When can we except that change or if it's there how can we activate it? Thank you.Oh, and the web UI. It seems it does not scale as well on some of the larger screens, I haven't tested this but it seems that the center column for example stays the same weight no matter what screen size. So for example on the 30'' large screen, that would mean a lot of empty unused white space, right? Will that be addressed?
  20. I don't think that is the reason. It's the policy of Evernote that annoys everyone. There is overwhelming number of evidence here on blog and forum about it. You can look for it yourself. Loyal and eager users, including paying premium ones like myself requesting information about development and all they hear is echo. No response from Evernote. This was true for evernote on Windows vs. MAC and it's features for very long time. It was true for Android vs. iOS as well and other platforms. People are frustrated for that and not that one is harder to make or talks longer than the other. But for a company that is supposed to be cross platform and that compatibility being it's one of main features - they certainly have a strange policy of favoring one platform over the other. Apparently, the CEO Phil Libin is a MAC and iOS user so that a lot of times get more attention. Or how about the well known case when people were complaining about lack of response from Evernote team on many features that were available on one platform but not on the other platform and no response of any kind as to when and where they will be available. And than a prominent bloger wrote about the same things, it picked up press and all of a sudden we see personal response from Phil about their plans and how they should do a better job. No, the hypocrisy is not related to development difficulty on Chrome vs. Evernote. It's a conscious policy of the company, can but doesn't. I can't remember how long people were asking about Firefox web cliper here on forums and zero response for a very, very long time. It wasn't a response, hey we are having trouble do to difficulty on Firefox platform but we are working on it and we expect to have beta ready by this or that time. No it was zero response. That is the part that frustrates people. P.S. "If development is no fun for the developer, using the end result might also be no fun for the end user." A company the size of Evernote, that can try to sell me hand made wallet and thermo bottle with in app advertisement, but can't make a Firefox extension or find someone to do it, I'm sorry but I find that hard to believe as legitimate reason. That being said, I hope their iron out the bugs and release the same functionality for Firefox as they did for Chrome. Otherwise I don't think I can feel great about their policy. People want to know that the company cares for its users as much as the users care for the company, when we see genuine efforts we can't forget all kinds of faults.
  21. Thanks, I remember trying hat one over the S3, but it had a bug and one of the finished downloads remain forever. I will either try it again or wait for the final release of Web Clipper where I hope the Evernote can fix the compatibility issues. Thanks once again.
  22. After much disabling and re-enabling extensions, I've found the conflict - apparently the Web Clipper and Download Manager (S3) don't like each other. I can live without that, though, and the Web Clipper looks great, though I haven't tried it much yet. Yes you are right, Loramir. That was the problem, good job on finding the source. I don't want to lose the Download Manager (S3), though. I would appropriate the Evernote team resolve that conflict. That being said, and now that I finally got to try it out. It is a bit of a let down. Many of the features, are still missing to make it as the one in Chrome. Especially the smart filing. Otherwise it's pretty much like Clearly.
  23. Thank you. Please post an update here so we know that it's available to test. And please if it's not too much trouble check with Firefox 32 beta, it's already in beta stage. Usually stable and just minor updates but still please check. Thank you.
  24. Common guys it took you ten thousand years of silence about development, and now you asking us to test it but you are still not providing any feedback as to how to use it. Information please.
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