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  1. 27 minutes ago, FactMan said:

    I have too many shortcuts to put on even a full line of the screen. For this reason, I like the new capability of putting the shortcuts on the left panel where I can sort them, so that the most frequently-used items will appear on the screen where I can quickly access them. I can also look for searches that I have done in the past and copy the search terms to a new search and modify it to get what I am now looking for. If your example is how you name your shortcuts, I would work on reducing the length of them so that I could get more on the toolbar... but maybe that is just me?

    Actually the naming would be nice if we could change them in the toolbar. They are simply the names of the notebooks. I have a rigid folder/file or notebook/notes structure but there are many notebooks so I use shortcuts for some of them. The names are long because its the way to keep a description in the title like you would with your folders on your hard drive. The problem is with them being in the left panel is that I have to scroll up and down the folder structure to get to the shortcut, which makes it anything but shortcut.
    (see the image bellow.)

    There is panty of room to make shortcut panel be another row below the menu panel. After all, that is what it was in the last Evernote version. And pretty much all browsers have this, so why deviate from that convention to something that makes it less than it was before. Boggles the mind. I don't know who came up with that idea or why but it, makes no sense from an user experience point of view. Its not like they didn't have enough time or forums to ask people what to use, maybe they simply forgot to take note of all the feedback. Hmmm.

    Here is a thought. There are apparently 150 mil users of Evernote. Why not just leave simple things to be customizable and you make everyone happy, let people customize panels to their liking. Its been done before, and it works well. Why do we have to change things based on design and not user experience? Its not like the Evernote team didn't have access to its users or information from other projects. This has been discussed in forums before when Evernote was in beta stage. But sometimes it just seems Evernote will be Evernote, no matter what the users say.



  2. 7 hours ago, jbenson2 said:

    Thank you for the link.

    "Set HKCU/Software/Evernote/Evernote/ResetContextOnSearch to 1 and the current search context will be cleared when you press F6."

    Evernote has been working on this upgrade for 2.5+ years. The new version improves on core functions


    • Users now need a registry hack to start a new search
    • Users have to hunt for the hidden Created Date

    Both of these features were easily accessible in the previous version. I know Evernote will never explain, but these changes are headscratchers.

    My thoughts exactly. In some areas things that used to work do not work or have been removed, change in a way that makes it less productive. The editor is also something we have been promised will improve.

    Posted 22 Sep 2015 by 


    • PeeJayTee
    • Employee Alumni
    This is P.J. from the Product Team at Evernote.
    I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a project that we've been working on for quite a while. As some of you may have noticed, the note editor changed in the Windows 5.9 release. Though it introduced a relatively small number of new features, it represents a larger body of work that will significantly improve note editing in Evernote.
    Years of writing the editors of our clients independently of one another has taken a toll on the the consistency and quality of Evernote’s editing experience. We recognize this and we’re fully committed to making it better. We’ve created a dedicated team focused on improving the note editor and we’re hoping you notice the difference. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll start to see the fruits of this labor appear in all of the things you do to create notes in Evernote—typing, bullets and lists, tables, images, copy and pasting are just a few of the things we’ll be working on to start. Bigger improvements will follow. For more on the thinking behind this project
    But I didn't see much of meaningful improvements being done in the Evernote 6 and after a lot of time. Like you said "I know Evernote never explains" even if the same guy was convincing me this time they are serious about it. Not impressed to say the least.


  3. On 11/16/2015 at 4:15 PM, ReganHouse37 said:

    Absolutely mind-boggling that this feature is not already in there.  How do you support all common formatting options found in standard word formatting applications and not this.  If you're going to support anything outside of 'plain text' abilities, (i.e. fonts, colors, bolds, bullets, etc), then the support of format painter is a very obvious inclusion.  Virtually every other rich text application I use has this—even google docs has it!  It happens to be very useful in that I don't have to point-and-click countless times all over my note highlighting various text and then applying the same exact formatting in a very tedious and frustrating manner.  No brainer, really.

    Agree 100% For some strange reason Evernote team has avoided to implementing a good text editor for a long time now. Even the editor in Forums can do more in some areas. But they are working on "Editor" changes in the Evernote  from what I understand. I hope we see it soon.

  4. To clarify the issue being reported with many of the reviews in the Mozilla add-ons page are due to an unsigned developer certificate. This is not related to a any direct add-on performance issue(s).

    Perhaps its not a performance issues, but it is an issues. Would you agree? And you can't blame it on Firefox because I have seen all major addons being updated and they just work. If others can do it so can Evernote.

    That aside, I find it difficult to reproduce the issue you're reporting with Firefox version 45. Can you provide me with further details on the environment you're running? I'd like to try and reproduce the issue using a similar configuration. Also, do you notice the crash while performing a specific set of events or is it seemingly just in general? I would be interested to find the issue and see what we can do to improve it, so feel free to provide any detailed events or steps you think might be helpful for our troubleshooting. Feel free to message me directly with any relevant details.

    Ok, so here is what happens, this was the exact same problem with the web clipper 6 in the past. Than in 6,1 it got fixed but since Firefox 44 or even 43 I'm not sure, it has started to show again.

    This is what happens. I use Firefox normally as I would no performance issues. I can open up to 100 tabs or more and no issues. Than after some use, maybe few hours, because I don't close Firefox it keeps running all the time. Anyway, after several hours sometimes sooner sometimes later but like I described. Suddenly Firefox browser becomes extremely and I want to underline here extremely sluggish. The user interface takes forever to load with lag of up to 4-5 or even 6 seconds. Things like opening menus and switching tabs for examples. Same problem exists when trying to invoke right click menu anywhere on the screen or if trying to scroll trough the page.

    After disabling web clipper everything works as it should. Turn it back on and after short use the same problems. This is the same problems that have plagued the web caliper 6 from the beginning. And many users have complained about it in the past including myself numerous times.

    When web clipper 6 was released the same symptoms were happening. Myself and other users tried various things, like new installation, new profile, disabling other addons etc. Finally we narrowed it down to web clipper. than you reproduced the high CPU used on your end and in web clipper 6.1 you changed something that fixed it. You even say so in the release notes. But after Firefox updated its browser to version 43 or 44 they have changed something on their end regrading addons. I know this because some other addons did not work as well and the developer made updates to compensate. Like you said web clipper has not been updated in a long time. So it would seem that the problem is back.

    I don't experience crashes, Firefox is super stable, I can run 100 + tabs for days and no crash just performance issues after certain period of time and it would seem that its because of web clipper. I have worked with it being disabled and performance is fine. I have it turned on and after some time performance is almost unsuitable and I have to restart the browser to get back to normal performance. But that is not a solution.

    I am working with Firefox 45.0.2 Latest release. The problem started since 43 or 44 I'm not sure.

  5. 22 minutes ago, csihilling said:

    Shortcuts in the side bar.


    Thank you for posting the screenshot. I appropriate it. Unfortunately it seems that my fears are confirmed. When the last version of Evernote for desktop. version 5 was in beta they have made it all white interface like it is here in your screenshot. The users were outraged and wanted that to change, because it was too bright for the eyes, not enough separation between the sections and was generally too uniform. After getting lot of feedback, finally this bad idea was corrected by the final release.

    Than they made the new web version also in beta. Same idea, make it all white. Unfortunately even after tones of negative feedback they persisted in this bad idea. Ignoring the users.

    And that brings us to Version 6. Currently in beta, and you guessed it its white interface once again. I don't know if they do this on purpose or simply they are so unorganized and can't read feedback and notes from previous versions.... if true it would be pretty ironic you have to admit. Anyway, to Evernote team.... please don't make it all white user interface. Listen to the users and learn from previous projects please. Make it either optional to change colors, which is highly unlikely I would say, or make it like you did in version 5 or make it even more darker. But please don't leave it all white. Its bad user design practice. Read the comments from previous two attempts I mention. Thank you.

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  6. 2 hours ago, chanatx said:

    Just to make it clear, we have not pushed any changes recently. So this would mean that something has changed with either the Mozilla browser or possibly another web extension that is causing a conflict and crash. My testing so far hasn't yielded crashes. Have you tried temporarily disabling all your other extensions except for the Web Clipper? This will give you a much more clear indicator of the faulty extension compared to just disabling Web Clipper and assuming it's something with the Web Clipper. Lastly, do you see any error messages in the Tools > Web Developer > Browser Console logs?

    Yes, Firefox has changed since version 44 I believe, maybe 45 but anyway web clipper needs to be updated. Just look at the comments section on Mozilla addons page for your plug in. Most is very negative. Do you ever read those? Here, let me post a link so you can see what people are saying: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/evernote-web-clipper/reviews/

    "Have you tried temporarily disabling all your other extensions except for the Web Clipper? " Yes I have and it not a problem except when web clipper is activated even on its own. This is the same problem as in the past with this extension. It was reported by many users on forums here in Evernote forum. You finally made some changes in version 6,1 to fix it, because before that is was totally unusable, constant 100% CPU usage etc. Since 6.1 is only patched version it was not updated like the one on Chrome for example and who ever build the Firefox web clipper 6 made it extremely buggy since the beginning. its all reported here on the forums. It was delayed over and over again and it was tested and everything is recorded here on your forums. I really don't want to go trough that again. Its not worth it.

    Lastly, do you see any error messages in the Tools > Web Developer > Browser Console logs?

    I will have to check that. I will see if it works. And get back with feedback here.

    But I am fairly certain that the extension is way to buggy and unstable. It has been the case since the beginning. The so called version beta was actually pre-alpha and that says alot. the version 5 worked flawlessly it just didn't have the features it needs. Question is, what are you guys at Evernote team planing to do about it? Are you even developing it and when can we expect an update. And please don't say you don't know because you owe us that much. Evernote has ignored its Firefox users for too long, do we even raise our hopes or take it for granted that this will remain another buggy and unsupported appendix project from Evernote. Clearly project was abandon so there is no hope there. Is the Chrome you only care about or can Firefox users get some love too? I would appreciate an honest answer that does not leave more questions than it answers please. Thank you. If you are not authorized to answer, please get some higher executive here to answer it. 

  7. I hear you brother. I am the same way. In the absence of any care from Evernote team the best workaround I could find was to use Chrome to clip and Firefox to brows. I keep Chrome open just for this and than I use Firefox for browsing. But I didn't want to copy paste the url every time from one browser to another so the best thing I could find was this firefox addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/open-with/


  8. It seems that the Web Clipper 6.1 is broken.... AGAIN... with the new Firefox version above Firefox 44. Its the same symptoms, after short use Firefox browser becomes extremely and I want to underline here extremely sluggish. The user interface takes forever to load with lag of up to 4-5 or even 6 seconds. Things like opening menus and switching tabs for examples. Same problem exists when trying to invoke right click menu anywhere on the screen or if trying to scroll trough the page.

    After disabling web clipper everything works as it should. Turn it back on and after short use the same problems. This is the same problems that have plagued the web caliper 6 from the beginning. And many users have complained about it in the past including myself numerous times. Which leads me to only one conclusion. Web clipper 6 is like an appendix  something Evernote company does not care about or want. After over 2 years "in development" it came out buggy as hell and fundamentally broken from inception. Who ever was coding it in their spare time, does not know anything about Firefox extensions and it never was build as it should have been.

    Evernote has repeatedly ignored its Firefox users and when it finally made web caliper 6 for Firefox with huge delay and missing features even that is broken. Obviously it either doesn't support newer Firefox versions or when you do get it work with tricks it shows the same fundamental problems. that it had from the beginning. Jesus Christ guys, students in their spare time code incomparably better extension for all users and keeping it up to date. You guys have over 100 mil users and can't make one extension work. The conclusion is simple, you just don't care. And I am also pretty sure this post will go unanswered from anyone with any authority in Evernote. At least some users will read it, for whatever its worth.

  9. Can someone please posts various screenshots of the UI? "Cleaner and brighter overall interface." was one of the new changes listed, I would like to try it but reading the thread seems to be all white Evernote. I remember when web beta came out and when version 5 beta came out and everybody were saying they don't want all white UI. For good reasons, I hope Evernote team learned something from their mistakes and I hope I am wrong.

    I don't want to comment anything in advance so I would like to see the screenshots please. Before I try. Actually can the person who started the thread include them please. It should be there from the start don't you think so? Thank you.

  10. No actually I use CSS Styles. I used Stylish addon. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stylish/

    And than you can use various styles from the website https://userstyles.org/styles/121804/microsoft-edge-style-menu-for-firefox and customize any part of the Firefox UI you want in any way you like. You can use the existing ones , you can modify them if you know a bit about CSS styles or you can write your own. I don't like personas because they are usually clumsy in the way they are applied to everything, this is more precise way that I prefer with more options. They can even style webpages, for example I use one to make the YouTube be dark instead of light, which is better view viewing movies. https://userstyles.org/styles/101409/youtube-dark-grey Try it out if you like. Its something that makes Firefox superior to other browsers, that level of customization. I wish Evernote had that too, Wink Wink. :D

  11. 12 hours ago, donmcleman said:

    Thank you, Krunoslav. Your suggestion of installing the addon Configuration Mania worked. I'd previously tried the suggestion from Firefox to use the configuration editor but it didn't work for me.

    So I have the Evernote icon back on the toolbar. Still no right-click menu access.

    What concerns me most is that this matter has been ignored by Evernote – I used to think it was a cool brand but it's obviously a charlatan like any other. No doubt in future I will need support for this paid add-on that doesn't work and I definitely won't be waiting for answers from other consumers. Get it right, Evernote, or give people refunds.

    Glad to help.

    When you say right-click menu access, what exactly do you mean, maybe we can solve that as well.

    Oh, yeah about Evernote. They are incurable, totally ignoring users on multiple platforms. Favoring one platform over the other, ignoring user request, not issuing updates literally for years and keeping quite about it while at the same time every few days there is an update on the blog or some email I get or some Facebook update where they celebrate themselves. Its quite frustrating, because there is such a large disconnect between what users are writing on forums and the way Evernote writes about themselves. Turns my stomach into a knot to be honest. Terrible, terrible relationship with their user base. Tones of problems and even when some of the employees pops up on some of the forums here and there it's never consistent. Its never someone you can really count one, just seems to be passing by.

    Recently they seem to have fire some people, no doubt this behavior and alternatives like OneNote are hurting business but even with this company shake up I have not seen any changes that would benefit users for months now. Quite disappointing especially for a company that had a goal of being a 100 year old company. Yeah, right. With this kind of amateurish user relations I have many reservations. 

  12. On 12/20/2015 at 0:16 PM, donmcleman said:

    Firefox has just been updated to version 43.0.1. It has turned off the webclipper as it says that it has been unsigned by Evernote. Firefox advises me to contact Evernote to get the addon signed in order for it to work.

    The version of webclipper installed is 6.1. I have previously complained that the right-click functionality stopped working several versions ago. I am currently using Windows 10 but this was also the case on Windows 8.

    You mention in this thread that there may be a three to five month delay in Firefox approving your changes. It is unacceptable to continue to charge users for a subscription when you know that the functionality doesn't work.

    If you need web clipper to work on Firefox but you are tired of waiting for both Evernote or Firefox to care, here is one workaround you can do if you Firefox is saying the webclier is not signed.

    Download the Firefox addon called; Configuration Mania - More Advanced (hidden) configures

    Once you open up the advance options for Firefox you can go under Addons tab and you will see a features called: "Do not check addon compatibility with..." and you have previous and current as well as the future version of Firefox. just choose the one you are working and it will allow you to use the older addons like the web clipper. That is how I am forced to use it for now. No word from Evernote on any update for ages.... again.

  13. Any news on the updates guys. You Started talking to us in the Evernote Windows forum and Its much appreciated. Can you give us any updates on the new Web clipper for Firefox. Its still technically on, while Chrome is on 6.7. At least get us where 6.5 was for Chrome.


    For years I have been hoping that Evernote would concentrate on fixing the poor editing features and stop introducing new features that nobody asked for and strange product partnerships (Post-it notes, messenger bags, etc). Finally, it seems as though it might just happen!

    I appreciate the detailed blog post explaining how you're planning to move forward. I'm not concerned about the choice of technology (javascript) as I currently use the following javascript editors extensively and have no problems with performance:
    • the Wodpress (CKEditor?) editor for blog posts
    • Marxico, "the missing markdown editor for Evernote" which allows me to write markdown in a split screen view, and create beautiful notes with a consistent style and appearance.
    • the editor in this forum

    I really think that you need to look at implementing a way for users to suggest and vote on product features. This would provide you with metrics on how your user-base feel about particular features.


    It's important to note however that you MUST feedback on the suggestions. Perhaps it would be a good idea to set a threshold at which you guarantee more detailed feedback. E.g. if a feature gets more than 5,000 votes then a response of more than 100 words is guaranteed. Even if it's a response explaining why a feature won't be implemented, it will show respect for your users and rebuild the trust that is lacking.


    The most important features that I would like to see in a new improved editor are fairly standard features. These are features I would use every single day.

    • Better image handling. I can't believe I can't resize an image, let alone choose how text flows around it
    • Better table support. Controlling borders, margins and padding... background and foreground colours and setting column sizes.
    • Styles. Seriously, this would be the biggest change for me. I like my notes to look consistent. I like to format code in a particular colour and font. I like to have headings of different sizes.
    This is your opportunity to do something great. Don't drop the ball on this!


    I pretty much agree with everything said and support the same requests. Its 2015, this should be a standard at this point.




    Thanks for letting us know! This sounds very promising. I'm getting a lot of issues with lag with the new release, and now that I understand you've switched to javascript, I'm worried if that would have a performance penalty which we can feel in larger notes?



    This is definitely on our radar - I don't believe that this is a limit of the technology, but rather, something we need to do differently.


    Actually with the 5.9.1 release and few betas before it I had the same issues with lag on larger notes. Even if its mostly just text. Is this when you started implementing new JavaScript. I don't remember having that problem with the same notes in previous releases. I don't think I want to trade better editor for a slow performance, that is a compromise that should not be done. I like what you said. "I don't believe that this is a limit of the technology, but rather, something we need to do differently." Because I feel the same way. Hope you guys find a solution by the time you get out of beta.  

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