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  1. Spellchecking used to work for the title of the note in Evernote 5. Now seems to be removed again. Why are you reducing functionality? And can you please bring it back. Thank you.
  2. Actually the naming would be nice if we could change them in the toolbar. They are simply the names of the notebooks. I have a rigid folder/file or notebook/notes structure but there are many notebooks so I use shortcuts for some of them. The names are long because its the way to keep a description in the title like you would with your folders on your hard drive. The problem is with them being in the left panel is that I have to scroll up and down the folder structure to get to the shortcut, which makes it anything but shortcut. (see the image bellow.) There is panty of room to make short
  3. Please return back the Shortcuts toolbar that does not competes with the menu toolbar for limiting space. It defeats the purpose of having shortcuts. Thank you.
  4. Agree 100% For some strange reason Evernote team has avoided to implementing a good text editor for a long time now. Even the editor in Forums can do more in some areas. But they are working on "Editor" changes in the Evernote from what I understand. I hope we see it soon.
  5. To clarify the issue being reported with many of the reviews in the Mozilla add-ons page are due to an unsigned developer certificate. This is not related to a any direct add-on performance issue(s). Perhaps its not a performance issues, but it is an issues. Would you agree? And you can't blame it on Firefox because I have seen all major addons being updated and they just work. If others can do it so can Evernote. That aside, I find it difficult to reproduce the issue you're reporting with Firefox version 45. Can you provide me with further details on the environment you're running? I'd l
  6. Lets hope they will listen to us and make the changes by the final release like they did in the Version 5 beat and final release of it. Thank you for the screencapture once again.
  7. Thank you for posting the screenshot. I appropriate it. Unfortunately it seems that my fears are confirmed. When the last version of Evernote for desktop. version 5 was in beta they have made it all white interface like it is here in your screenshot. The users were outraged and wanted that to change, because it was too bright for the eyes, not enough separation between the sections and was generally too uniform. After getting lot of feedback, finally this bad idea was corrected by the final release. Than they made the new web version also in beta. Same idea, make it all white. Unfortunately
  8. Yes, Firefox has changed since version 44 I believe, maybe 45 but anyway web clipper needs to be updated. Just look at the comments section on Mozilla addons page for your plug in. Most is very negative. Do you ever read those? Here, let me post a link so you can see what people are saying: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/evernote-web-clipper/reviews/ "Have you tried temporarily disabling all your other extensions except for the Web Clipper? " Yes I have and it not a problem except when web clipper is activated even on its own. This is the same problem as in the past with this
  9. I hear you brother. I am the same way. In the absence of any care from Evernote team the best workaround I could find was to use Chrome to clip and Firefox to brows. I keep Chrome open just for this and than I use Firefox for browsing. But I didn't want to copy paste the url every time from one browser to another so the best thing I could find was this firefox addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/open-with/ Cheers!
  10. Yeah, they had this problem before and I couldn't figure it out and than people started reporting the same thing. Finally after disabling web clipper, Firefox works normal. That is a quick way to find out if we share the same headache.
  11. It seems that the Web Clipper 6.1 is broken.... AGAIN... with the new Firefox version above Firefox 44. Its the same symptoms, after short use Firefox browser becomes extremely and I want to underline here extremely sluggish. The user interface takes forever to load with lag of up to 4-5 or even 6 seconds. Things like opening menus and switching tabs for examples. Same problem exists when trying to invoke right click menu anywhere on the screen or if trying to scroll trough the page. After disabling web clipper everything works as it should. Turn it back on and after short use the same prob
  12. Can someone please posts various screenshots of the UI? "Cleaner and brighter overall interface." was one of the new changes listed, I would like to try it but reading the thread seems to be all white Evernote. I remember when web beta came out and when version 5 beta came out and everybody were saying they don't want all white UI. For good reasons, I hope Evernote team learned something from their mistakes and I hope I am wrong. I don't want to comment anything in advance so I would like to see the screenshots please. Before I try. Actually can the person who started the thread include th
  13. Hmm, at the moment I can't think of a way to help you directly. Sorry. Nothing comes to mind and I don't have enough info to conclude from it. If you can live it, that's great.
  14. No actually I use CSS Styles. I used Stylish addon. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stylish/ And than you can use various styles from the website https://userstyles.org/styles/121804/microsoft-edge-style-menu-for-firefox and customize any part of the Firefox UI you want in any way you like. You can use the existing ones , you can modify them if you know a bit about CSS styles or you can write your own. I don't like personas because they are usually clumsy in the way they are applied to everything, this is more precise way that I prefer with more options. They can even style w
  15. I still have those. Here is a screenshot. If that is what you meant. Ignore the look of the menu. I'm using a skin for Firefox. Is that what you are missing?
  16. Glad to help. When you say right-click menu access, what exactly do you mean, maybe we can solve that as well. Oh, yeah about Evernote. They are incurable, totally ignoring users on multiple platforms. Favoring one platform over the other, ignoring user request, not issuing updates literally for years and keeping quite about it while at the same time every few days there is an update on the blog or some email I get or some Facebook update where they celebrate themselves. Its quite frustrating, because there is such a large disconnect between what users are writing on forums and the way E
  17. If you need web clipper to work on Firefox but you are tired of waiting for both Evernote or Firefox to care, here is one workaround you can do if you Firefox is saying the webclier is not signed. Download the Firefox addon called; Configuration Mania - More Advanced (hidden) configures https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/configuration-mania-4420/ Once you open up the advance options for Firefox you can go under Addons tab and you will see a features called: "Do not check addon compatibility with..." and you have previous and current as well as the future version of Firefox. j
  18. Any news on the updates guys. You Started talking to us in the Evernote Windows forum and Its much appreciated. Can you give us any updates on the new Web clipper for Firefox. Its still technically on, while Chrome is on 6.7. At least get us where 6.5 was for Chrome.
  19. I pretty much agree with everything said and support the same requests. Its 2015, this should be a standard at this point.
  20. This is definitely on our radar - I don't believe that this is a limit of the technology, but rather, something we need to do differently. Actually with the 5.9.1 release and few betas before it I had the same issues with lag on larger notes. Even if its mostly just text. Is this when you started implementing new JavaScript. I don't remember having that problem with the same notes in previous releases. I don't think I want to trade better editor for a slow performance, that is a compromise that should not be done. I like what you said. "I don't believe that this is a limit of the technology,
  21. This is one of the first believe it or not actual precise feedback I have seen from Evernote team. Congratulations. I'm impressed.
  22. I appreciate the attempt to implement new features, God knows Evernote is in desperate need of note editor because even note editor in forums here is better. That being said, a legitimate concern and question I have to ask, based on the quote from you posted above. I'm sure you can understand. Perhaps you personally are not responsible for any of it but you do wear Evernote banner so in a way you are part of the organization.You said "We can promise to listen to your feedback and work tirelessly to make every version of Evernote’s editor better than the last. If you have feedback on the editor
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