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  1. Fully support this except I would like to see colors less saturated or option between the two. Maybe something like this....
  2. Me too. Although I think that anyone who is interested and observant can see the request and make educated guess what the users want the most. So far it seems the company had either unauthorized forum moderators or disinterested decision makers. Probably both. After all one would explain the other.
  3. I'll give credit to some of the bug fixes. I agree they have been fixing some of the nasty bugs especially int he last beta release and quickly made an update to that. Kudos. However I can't agree with they don't have the time. Take Wunderlist to-do-app team. If I'm not mistaken they are just as small if not smaller team than Evernote. But they have one person who is in the comments section and his entire job is to communicate between the developers and users. He is authorized to answer all the users about what the team is doing. He takes as much time as needed and answers virtually every comment, no matter how rude or polite the comment might be. I respect that. And its a two way communication because he takes the user requests to the team in meetings. They have a whole functional system in place for this. And its only one person. Heck, with the number of dedicated user in Evernote and people like you who is counting " 16,242 posts" with no pay I imagine. All they have to do is ask someone like you to act as ambassador between the developers and users. Let them authorize you and problem solved. They have no time is not an excuse I can agree on. I'm sorry. You always have time for things you put first. And Evernote has a long sad history of not putting its users where it should. To quote Henry Ford here: “It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.” Judging by the financial troubles in Evernote, maybe its time that some decision maker at the top takes that quote to hearth. With all do respect off course.
  4. That is certainly nice to hear. Can we expect Heading 1,2,3 and paragraph options and ability to apply them easily by right mouse click and some keyboard shortcuts. I haven't used web version of Evernote for some time now, but if I remember correctly there was a right click menu pop up options for text editing. I wouldn't mind that on Desktop. Preferably not English keyboard layout only for obvious reasons if you will add keyboard shortcuts. Superscript, subscript Ability to change the color of the highlighter tool and uppercase only, lower case only etc. The standard tools found in most text editors. Ability to add styles or quote the text would be also nice, but I can live without that if its too much trouble. Although they are available here in the web editor on this forum, and that is just not right. Just make it more convenient to write and format text please with more than the very basic set of features. I don't expect full blown text editor like MS Word, but at least make changes to some of the things I mentioned. Certainly ability to assign paragraphs and heading, sub heading etc with a right click and different colors for highlighter tool which would greatly increase the note taking capabilities of Evernote. Thank you. P.S. Insert horizontal line is a great feature in Evernote that I use often but the keyboard shortcut is only for English layout keyboards. Its useless on a different layout. (Ctrl + Shift + - ) is not working on my Croatian layout keyboard and I'm sure its not the only layout where its not working. Can that be changes to some other keyboard shortcut or as it would be the best allow users to assign their own keyboard shortcuts. Please do something about that. Thank you.
  5. So I guess my first response was my gut instinct being right. Evernote's ability to address the features users actually want is appalling. In some instances they showed good will as by the mentioned user but apparently that is not the same as the overall company policy. It would seem he either acted under different management or on his own. So we cannot really put much hope anymore, that the Evernote team will actually finish their, what is it now "4 year" project with a dedicated team working on it. Ha!
  6. I asked around and some mention it being in the upcoming release Firefox 48 or the one after it 49, which is still a very long time. But at least its something. Shame because I have to use Chrome or opera now only for the Web clipper and its really slowing down the process.
  7. I wouldn't mind that it isn't if I had some useful information that its being worked on and when could be expect the same quality as on other major browser? Can you answer that please? Thank you.
  8. I was looking for some responses from an Evernote team. Ensuring they care and have hear the feature request.
  9. Why isn't it possible at the this time? Its been like this for years? Who is in charge to provide answers to why isn't it being done. If you are increasing price for paying users and you are advertising as cross platform than you owe us at least an answer, don't you think? I mean, either say we have stopped supporting Firefox all together which seems to be the case or use the extra money to provide the same support of all major browsers.
  10. When can we expect Firefox release its 6.2 but buggy and it has been like this forever. Any news?
  11. That is not what I really need, because adding reminders clog up the UI. It is very impractical and clumsy was of doing something that should be really simple. And with the price increase you would think they are working on it. Or at least reply to it.
  12. Feature Request: I would like to be able to sort notes by update date in the notebook stack, but also have few at the top of the stack I always want to read. Being able to right click and pin specific notes would be really useful for those that I read most often. Any plans for this feature? Thank you.
  13. I have the same problem when doing a search inside the note. I want to click with the mouse on a place where the search query was found and it automatically Evernote scrolls it back to the top of the not instead. It clearly a bug. Please fix it. Thanks.
  14. Spellchecking used to work for the title of the note in Evernote 5. Now seems to be removed again. Why are you reducing functionality? And can you please bring it back. Thank you.
  15. Actually the naming would be nice if we could change them in the toolbar. They are simply the names of the notebooks. I have a rigid folder/file or notebook/notes structure but there are many notebooks so I use shortcuts for some of them. The names are long because its the way to keep a description in the title like you would with your folders on your hard drive. The problem is with them being in the left panel is that I have to scroll up and down the folder structure to get to the shortcut, which makes it anything but shortcut. (see the image bellow.) There is panty of room to make shortcut panel be another row below the menu panel. After all, that is what it was in the last Evernote version. And pretty much all browsers have this, so why deviate from that convention to something that makes it less than it was before. Boggles the mind. I don't know who came up with that idea or why but it, makes no sense from an user experience point of view. Its not like they didn't have enough time or forums to ask people what to use, maybe they simply forgot to take note of all the feedback. Hmmm. P.S. Here is a thought. There are apparently 150 mil users of Evernote. Why not just leave simple things to be customizable and you make everyone happy, let people customize panels to their liking. Its been done before, and it works well. Why do we have to change things based on design and not user experience? Its not like the Evernote team didn't have access to its users or information from other projects. This has been discussed in forums before when Evernote was in beta stage. But sometimes it just seems Evernote will be Evernote, no matter what the users say.
  16. Please return back the Shortcuts toolbar that does not competes with the menu toolbar for limiting space. It defeats the purpose of having shortcuts. Thank you.
  17. Agree 100% For some strange reason Evernote team has avoided to implementing a good text editor for a long time now. Even the editor in Forums can do more in some areas. But they are working on "Editor" changes in the Evernote from what I understand. I hope we see it soon.
  18. Lets hope they will listen to us and make the changes by the final release like they did in the Version 5 beat and final release of it. Thank you for the screencapture once again.
  19. Thank you for posting the screenshot. I appropriate it. Unfortunately it seems that my fears are confirmed. When the last version of Evernote for desktop. version 5 was in beta they have made it all white interface like it is here in your screenshot. The users were outraged and wanted that to change, because it was too bright for the eyes, not enough separation between the sections and was generally too uniform. After getting lot of feedback, finally this bad idea was corrected by the final release. Than they made the new web version also in beta. Same idea, make it all white. Unfortunately even after tones of negative feedback they persisted in this bad idea. Ignoring the users. And that brings us to Version 6. Currently in beta, and you guessed it its white interface once again. I don't know if they do this on purpose or simply they are so unorganized and can't read feedback and notes from previous versions.... if true it would be pretty ironic you have to admit. Anyway, to Evernote team.... please don't make it all white user interface. Listen to the users and learn from previous projects please. Make it either optional to change colors, which is highly unlikely I would say, or make it like you did in version 5 or make it even more darker. But please don't leave it all white. Its bad user design practice. Read the comments from previous two attempts I mention. Thank you.
  20. Can someone please posts various screenshots of the UI? "Cleaner and brighter overall interface." was one of the new changes listed, I would like to try it but reading the thread seems to be all white Evernote. I remember when web beta came out and when version 5 beta came out and everybody were saying they don't want all white UI. For good reasons, I hope Evernote team learned something from their mistakes and I hope I am wrong. I don't want to comment anything in advance so I would like to see the screenshots please. Before I try. Actually can the person who started the thread include them please. It should be there from the start don't you think so? Thank you.
  21. Any news on the updates guys. You Started talking to us in the Evernote Windows forum and Its much appreciated. Can you give us any updates on the new Web clipper for Firefox. Its still technically on, while Chrome is on 6.7. At least get us where 6.5 was for Chrome.
  22. I pretty much agree with everything said and support the same requests. Its 2015, this should be a standard at this point.
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