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  1. Please if you trying to convince me about something don't use yourself and your workflow as a judgment of quality. Because it does not help. If you use Evernote differently that is fine, I don't use it as you do. Shortcuts on the left side are also something that should stay in place or you have to scroll endlessly to reach them every time you are trying to click on something. Providing you have lots of notebooks like me. Luckily they brought back the ability to have it as a separate toolbar at the top. Reminders are reminders, I don't want reminders nor do I want to add dates. I just wa
  2. It does not involve more than one person and takes less than 5 min. I don't know how experienced you are with screenshots or not. And it does provide a lot of value, I don't see how you can defend it. Even if you are playing Devil's advocate here.
  3. Or maybe someone should just try a little harder. I'm sorry but this is basics, I can't see why wouldn't it be implemented. There is no convincing argument why something could not be improved that easily can be. Its 2016. Images and video are practically outnumbering the text. Almost every tool that we have now can do that. Including Evernote itself, has screenshot capability and this forum has the upload button. I don't see why something so useful would be so difficult to implement. Aren't we all here to improve Evernote and its community?
  4. My personal need is not related to reminders or being reminded, its about accessing the information I need quickly and with most flexibility. Shortcuts and reminders are not idea but they are better than nothing. How would I implement it? Simple. You would be able to sort the notes the same way you can do now, expect when you right click on note you always want at the top of the list, you would choose "pin the note" or something like that. This forum we are in now, always has one post, the original post pinned even if you browse trough the pages of the thread right? When you go on F
  5. But adding a screen shot is super easy and as they say an image speaks a thousand words. I don't see any convincing argument why it can't be added.
  6. I would also like to recommend using this opportunity is when posting new updates notification like the next beta release or something. Can you please include screenshots of the new features. Reading something like this: New: New Tools/Options UI with lots of new options available New Thumbnail view for your list of notes that presents notes the way they look in Note View Does not reveal a lot about what that is unless one installs the Evernote, its hard to say what it means. Including a simple screenshot, or Gif would greatly help with this. And its super easy to do. I
  7. Thank you for responding Amanda, I appreciate that very much. For the record, I don't mind the wait for any feature if I know that its being worked on or I'm explained why is not possible. But I do mind when a company ignores the users. So thank you for responding in person. The voting system you mentioned, can you please make it more clear how to do it so that all users will quickly become aware of it where and how to use it. Is there a how to video video you can post on the forums that is pined or something so its hard to miss. Otherwise with the number of distractions the average users is d
  8. Fully support this except I would like to see colors less saturated or option between the two. Maybe something like this....
  9. What worries me that simple features are seemingly so hard to implement. Which means either the evernote team does not put them as priority, they don't have the budget or the underlying infrastructure of Evernote. assuming that is the right expression, is severally limited. If that is the case than I cannot see how they can keep up with the competition for very long. Especially after recent big price increase. They have just came up with Evernote 6. It does not seem to be changed in any big way under the hood. Or am I missing something? Why not build on a platform that meets the demands of
  10. Me too. Although I think that anyone who is interested and observant can see the request and make educated guess what the users want the most. So far it seems the company had either unauthorized forum moderators or disinterested decision makers. Probably both. After all one would explain the other.
  11. I'll give credit to some of the bug fixes. I agree they have been fixing some of the nasty bugs especially int he last beta release and quickly made an update to that. Kudos. However I can't agree with they don't have the time. Take Wunderlist to-do-app team. If I'm not mistaken they are just as small if not smaller team than Evernote. But they have one person who is in the comments section and his entire job is to communicate between the developers and users. He is authorized to answer all the users about what the team is doing. He takes as much time as needed and answers virtually every c
  12. That is certainly nice to hear. Can we expect Heading 1,2,3 and paragraph options and ability to apply them easily by right mouse click and some keyboard shortcuts. I haven't used web version of Evernote for some time now, but if I remember correctly there was a right click menu pop up options for text editing. I wouldn't mind that on Desktop. Preferably not English keyboard layout only for obvious reasons if you will add keyboard shortcuts. Superscript, subscript Ability to change the color of the highlighter tool and uppercase only, lower case only etc. The standard tools found in most te
  13. I fully support this and agree. Opening up notes in their own window is not as good but its something. Speaking of that it would be nicer if we had option to open in tabs instead of new windows and for light/sepia/dark modes for reading. From what I understand their technology is not that different than one found in web browsers and if students in their lunch break can make extensions for Firefox for example that do that, I'm sure the team at Evernote can give us something along those lines. Until the team at evernote changes their policy and explains to the paying users such as myself why thi
  14. So I guess my first response was my gut instinct being right. Evernote's ability to address the features users actually want is appalling. In some instances they showed good will as by the mentioned user but apparently that is not the same as the overall company policy. It would seem he either acted under different management or on his own. So we cannot really put much hope anymore, that the Evernote team will actually finish their, what is it now "4 year" project with a dedicated team working on it. Ha!
  15. I asked around and some mention it being in the upcoming release Firefox 48 or the one after it 49, which is still a very long time. But at least its something. Shame because I have to use Chrome or opera now only for the Web clipper and its really slowing down the process.
  16. Great suggestions that I would support, especially Tab System. Desperate to have that.
  17. I wouldn't mind that it isn't if I had some useful information that its being worked on and when could be expect the same quality as on other major browser? Can you answer that please? Thank you.
  18. I was looking for some responses from an Evernote team. Ensuring they care and have hear the feature request.
  19. Why isn't it possible at the this time? Its been like this for years? Who is in charge to provide answers to why isn't it being done. If you are increasing price for paying users and you are advertising as cross platform than you owe us at least an answer, don't you think? I mean, either say we have stopped supporting Firefox all together which seems to be the case or use the extra money to provide the same support of all major browsers.
  20. When can we expect Firefox release its 6.2 but buggy and it has been like this forever. Any news?
  21. That is not what I really need, because adding reminders clog up the UI. It is very impractical and clumsy was of doing something that should be really simple. And with the price increase you would think they are working on it. Or at least reply to it.
  22. Feature Request: I would like to be able to sort notes by update date in the notebook stack, but also have few at the top of the stack I always want to read. Being able to right click and pin specific notes would be really useful for those that I read most often. Any plans for this feature? Thank you.
  23. To Evernote team: Chrome and opera are version 6.9, Firefox is 6.2 buggy for Web Clipper. Any updates planed?
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