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  1. 10 minutes ago, Sugeeth Krishnamoorthy said:

    It's a early beta for God Sake. Time and time again, Evernote has rushed into too many things and which were all broken. Happy that they are taking baby steps. Things will be fixed over time. 

    "Time and time again, Evernote has rushed into too many things and which were all broken." Truer words were never spoken. Not sure how much faith people have into them fixing some bugs. Its well documented that bugs remain despite the complains for many many versions. Seems like they introduce more bugs than they solve with each version and things that used to work get broken, but not fixed.

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  2. It seems that whatever you have done, much of the formatting in previous notes is now broken. Highlighted sentience connect to other sentences with no space between them, and the formatting has been therefore broken. Some cliped notes are now reformatted and not aligned proparly. I don't know what to do, but all the careful alignments on thousands of notes is now broken. It seems to be related to the tables changes and formatting engine changes.

    I appreciate the changes and that you are not wasting our money, but two steps forward, six steps backward approach is not appreciate. This might be beta but feels like Alpha. Needs A LOT more work before its safe to use. I'm reverting back. This is dangerous. You introduce twice as many bugs as you have solved. WTF?

  3. The bug that was introduced in the last update is still not fixed. Please fix it. The bug in question is that when you get to the end of the note and you click enter to create more space or rows for writing, it does not scroll automatically. This used to work, until the last update than it became broke. Still hasn't been fixed and has been reported at least few times. Please fix it. Thank you.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Oletros said:

    Taking into account that Google actions when they were hacked were totally opposite of what Yahoo! did and that Google Cloud has nothing to do with GMail then  no, I don't understand why you post this if it is not just for irrational FUD.

    Not irrational, just the opposite, it is what people hear about big companies. They don't care if its Google, Microsoft, Apple or Amazon. Its a big corporation. It would explain their irrationality, by being rationally distrustful of big corporations. As I have said in the intro " For anyone wondering why there is mistrust towards Google and companies like Google, this just came out." When you read this kind of things in the news often, don't be surprised if people right or wrong have distrust towards big corporations. If you look at this thread you will see that feelings are important. Feelings. People care far less about what is true or not true, and a lot more what how they feel about it. Just read those that choose to comment here and many that didn't the atmosphere is not brimming with trust and confidence. That was my point, if you keep hearing Yahoo had a breach, they hacked that other company, etc often enough in the news people form a perception about big corporations. Apperantely Evernote has not taken that into account and there are many ways to handle this kind of situation and put users at ease. I watched Microsoft when they launched their Windows 10 and were collecting user data for their digital assistant but people freaked out, thinking they are mining data for malicious use. Microsoft didn't respond for weeks and by that time it took on its own life. Everyone was freaking about in the social media. Evernote could learn from that next time they make a press release.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Ares said:

    I wasn't addressing the trustworthiness of Evernote, only that he said that he wanted to see Evernote post a user benefit. They did. To be frank, I'm mostly following this thread with fascination watching how much people are putting into this discussion. If I wasn't happy with Evernote, I'd just delete it and move on, but that's just me.


    But trustworthiness is directly linked in trusting them to deliver future benefits. And since we are not seeing them right now, all we have to go on is their unreliable announcement, which is not what I qualify as benefit. Meanwhile price increase is very much real. If you are happy with Evernote that is great, I personally am pretty satisfited but I don't trust them, (not the Google cloud stuff but their relationship with users which is very much one sided in many occasions) and that makes me hesitant to invest even more than I already did in their platform.

  6. 11 minutes ago, Ares said:

    Here's the original announcement: "With Google Cloud Platform, Evernote will gain significant improvements in performance, security, efficiency, and scalability. " Those sound like benefits to me.


    Perhaps you haven't been around these parts (forum) for very long. Evernote has an embarrassing history of empty promises and abandoned projects. But most of all, we have seen increase in price, reduction in features and no countervalue from Evernote. And knowing how many promises they didn't keep and how many times they ignored user requests, what they say means little in actual value. What is that Chinese proverb "Talk Dosen't Cook Rice."

    If you stick around long enough you will see why their words have little weight around these parts.

  7. 22 minutes ago, mannyf said:

    I am with you JC.  I feel the same way regarding the price:feature.  I think this is benefiting EN and Google and we are left holding the bag.  

    I full agree. No benefit to the users that we have seen. The cost of making or doing something is not the responsibility of the client. It is yours. If you can't justify it with value, don't mention it. 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    You think Google wants to break into the note application business - oh wait, they already have their own service - I'm not seeing the benefit there
    I think they're more interested in gaining paying clients for the Cloud Platform - hense the Evernote deal

    >>So it would be no surprise whatsoever that in few years we just read Evernote blog update: We are so proud to announce that we are now part of Google. The acquisition has been done

    The future may have an acquisition, but that's another subject
    It may be Google, or some other company.  I'd be concerned if they change the TOS

    >> it just smells bad.

    Does it smell like ignorance; like people who won't listen to the facts because of closed mindsets

    Time will tell.

    BTW. Stick to the argument, don't resort to insulting those who think differently than you. Either make a counter argument, or don't comment.

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  9. So. An ex Google X man, joins Evernote as CEO. Than we see Google Drive integration and than we see If every time before during or after acquisitions and mergers I heard "business as usual" from the PR department. If they gave me a penny each they I heard that I would be a rich man today.

    Google Drive seems to be far from ideal solution. Another point of contact just means more things can go wrong. Besides I'm pretty sure it was part of the back room deal. Google sneaks in the back door with its cloud to temp more new users from a fresh market, and Evernote gets a life jacket from Google because poor planing and management have left the with big cost of maintaining their cloud and not great biz model that would pay for it.

    I would hope there are some true benefits to end users like increase in upload speeds and capacity for everyone directly from evernote. Don't forget few months ago they increase the prices for everyone and for some quite a bit and limited the free users but offered little or nothing in return.

    I think they are not providing enough value for what they are charging unless you are heavily invested in their platform. For new users or those not invested too much competition from Microsoft for example offers more in many areas. I hope Evernote get get their stuff together and start innovating again. Right now they are playing slow catchup game.

    Current new Evernote CEO Is Former Google X Executive Chris O'Neill. Hahaha! I swear this writs it self... Evernote in their blog wrote and I quote:

    "After an intensive period of research and investigation involving several cloud providers, we have selected Google Cloud Platform to provide our data infrastructure moving forward."

    Hahaha. You have to admit, its sooooo suspicious. Ex Google or Google X Executive Chris O'Neill and current Evernote CEO somehow of all the options they "intensively researched" decided to go with Google option that somehow benefits Google and even Evernote but not really the end users who again were not even involved in the decision making process. And according to Evernote themselves both Google and Evernote will now how access to all our information. I personally don't have much to hide but I don't think I had that in mind when I agreed to give Evernote my info.

    All this sounds a bit to much like "Good all boy" network. I would not be surprised if this is ground work for Google take over and in few years Evernote will be GoogleNote. Something just smells bad. What do you guys think.

    Evernote has been ***** around for years now. Ignoring user request, pursuing some phantom ideas that never worked pushed by the last CEO and now they found that with no innovation and far from stellar customer service their business model is not enough to support the growing demand and they can't live of the old glory forever. So first thing they do is new CEO. He than makes a decision to raise prices for paying customers, cut the features for free users forcing them to pay or leave and provides zero benefits in return. Users gets pissed but so what there are 200 mill of them he says.

    Than they try to integrate Google Drive into evernote on desktop and web. Probably a deal made with Google so that google can tap into new market with its Google Drive and others services, and in return they get a sweet deal on Google cloud. Current Evernote CEO is former Google guy so God knows what deals they made behind closed doors. And no one off course ever asked us the users about any of this. Evernote is struggling and Google just throw them life jacket. I'm sure they will want something in return.

    So it would be no surprise whatsoever that in few years we just read Evernote blog update: We are so proud to announce that we are now part of Google. The acquisition has been done and we want to celebrate this proud moment with you our loyal users. Its been a long road with some ups and downs but finally we have a new home. We will continue to make our products great and share this journey with you." End sarcasm.

    it just smells bad. Mainly because Google could really use this market and who is Evernote CEO now and how he runs the company, I would really not be surprised at all if this is ground work for future acquisition by Google. Microstot bough Sunrise and Wunderlist and few others, Apple is mostly falling behind or not competing in this space so its up to Google to buy in the rest. Google note taking app is not serious enough but I'm sure Google would like to add Evernote. Makes perfect sense. They already have the inside man. What the expression: Follow the money.

    Will see in few years I guess.

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  10. 1 minute ago, benmc said:


    There are no application or functionally changes (including storage limits) as a result of our move into Google Cloud. While there are no new features being announced this is a foundational change that we believe sets the stage for a very strong future and faster release of end user features.

    Hope this clarifies?

    Thanks. It does clarify but does not make me happy as a paying users I have to be honest. Clearly this is something that benefits the Evernote and Google but I still don't see strong benefit to myself or any other end user. Perhaps that is something you and Google can work on and we can see some real improvements on our side. I'm not thrilled with the speed of innovation or feature implementations on the user side. I'm sure you can understand my point of view. 

  11. 8 minutes ago, SteveLeighton said:

    So, just to be clear. When/if you use Google to process my information (assumedly for some benefit to me) there is no retention of that data by Google, no use of that information to train algorithms, no use of that information by Google/Evernote to target marketing, no linking of that data to my separate Google account?

    Thanks, Steve. 

    +1 I would like to know that as well. 

  12. Does this mean increase of storage capacity on Evernote platform moving forward. Do you plan to increase it? Especially in the case of paying customers. Its nice you are making all these changes, but I still don't see much benefits for the end user. Can we expect more storage capacity increase without the clunky and awkward Google Drive sync and also can we expect a two way hassle free sync with the Google Calendar now that Sunrise is shutting down and your are partnering with Google? I would like end users benefits and not simply what benefits the corporations. Google Drive sync for example is far from ideal solution and its a way for Google to sneak in the back door by tempting more users to use more of its storage cloud offerings. I don't want that. I want Evernote to offer more storage directly. Can we expect that. You said that switching to Google Cloud it will be easier to scale and maintain it, so can we expect more storage as well for users? Since you have limited the free users and charged more for the rest of us, at least you can provide some real value in return. Any answer to any of this? Thank you. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, C6REW said:

    Hi Krunoslav,

    You probably have it set to 'Sort Notes by Updated'. Change it to 'Sort Notes by Created'.

    Once you have done this, go File, Exit and it will save the settings, so when you switch on Evernote next time, it will have remembered them.

    Best regards



    Thank you but that is not ideal because I like to have the updated notes on top as I am changing them. So if I choose created date the order again its not ideal. But at least its something. I hope someone at Evernote is listening. Thank you.

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  14. 8 hours ago, C6REW said:

    Hi Krunoslav,

    Not sure if you found a way round this, but I have a lot of pinned Notes at the top of Notebooks.

    I use a simple date naming procedure that means my Notes are all in order:

    I have this Note in a Notebook for my camera club emails:


    So I created it on the 9th December 2015

    If I want this Note to stay at the top of the Notebook, I would then go in and change the date created the one above shows it was created:


    My system is set up to show Notes in order of date created and reverse sort order. This way the 'newest' Note is always on the top.

    Hope this helps.



    That's a pretty cool idea for a workaround until maybe one day Evernote make is easier to do. Thank you. Appreciate it. :)

    Edit: After some testing I found a problem. When I change something in the note it also automatically updates the date and negates the workaround. Any ideas? I tried to change manually both the updated date to 2020 and created date and its the same problem. Plus any other note that I update it skips the changed one and goes to the top. Am I doing something wrong or the workaround is very limited? Thoughts?

  15. 16 hours ago, meliboo said:


    I am submitting my request to add this feature to be able to manually sort our notes. I believe this is important especially when you are reading or studying a topic and you want to sort you notes based on that topic. It is much easier for some because in this way you create a small mind map without having to find what you want alphabetically. I know there are workarounds with numbers and letters but I don't want to follow this as it is difficult to make a change and I dont want mynotes to ABCDs etc. Is this doable or is it programmatically impossible?

    I fully support this.

  16. 8 minutes ago, gustavgi said:

    Another reason not to be more specific is that it could make people not install betas, that otherwise would, because the new featues aren't "exiting" enough. One of the main reasons I install betas is that I hope that some new cool features have been implemented, and by that I help catch bugs even if the build turns out to be of no value to me.

    I'm just curios. Because now I don't know if you are trying to troll me or are you genuinely trying to complicate things for no reason.  Just let people post a simple screenshot and move on. I would appreciate if you didn't try to turn a useful suggestion into a "bug".I don't know what do you get out of it by playing the role of devil's advocate. There is no way you can argue against the usefulness of screenshot that explains more visually the new features and or changes. And they are simple to make. So you must be trolling. I would appreciate if you would stop, please. Thank you very much.  And if you are not trolling than I hope we can agree to disagree and move on. Enough time was wasted. 

  17. 1 hour ago, s2sailor said:

    I think this is a great idea for general, public releases but might be overkill for an interim, beta release,

    Well, the whole point of posting a screenshot for a beta release would be to help see what it is that we will be testing and is it worth installing. And screenshots are sooooo easy to add that I really don't see why there is even a debate about this. Images of features always help and they are easy to show with a screenshot. If they are not using it, only thing I can think of is that for some reason they haven't thought about it. But now that they have been asked about it, there is no valid reason that I can see why they would not be included.

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  18. 26 minutes ago, gustavgi said:

    Well the examples you mention with pinned posts are not pinned for easy access to more information, but pinned to remind you of what the evernote thread was about, or to make sure you read that information first (facebook). Whether you call it pinned notes, reminders or notifications should be less important.

    Easy access is usually fixed by adding access from a side bar, where Windows 10 has "Quick access", and Evernote has Shortcuts in the same place in the left panel.

    But, If you add a reminder to a note in Evernote, it will always be at the top of the list, just like all your examples.

    I do however think it's a great suggestion that adding a reminder should be an option in the right click menu. Now you have to see the note and click once on the Reminder icon, which isn't optimal if you have the note panel closed i.e., or would want to pin several notes at once.

    I am also still a bit curious about why you think the reminder UI at the top is clunky? To me it's like saying it's clunky that the first post in this thread is always at the top.

    Please if you trying to convince me about something don't use yourself and your workflow as a judgment of quality. Because it does not help. If you use Evernote differently that is fine, I don't use it as you do.

    Shortcuts on the left side are also something that should stay in place or you have to scroll endlessly to reach them every time you are trying to click on something. Providing you have lots of notebooks like me. Luckily they brought back the ability to have it as a separate toolbar at the top.

    Reminders are reminders, I don't want reminders nor do I want to add dates. I just want to pin the note with a click. Reminders are messy for anything that is not a about reminders. And one more time, I do not look for reminders I am looking for quick access. I want clean UI with no do dates and anything like that. Plus if I want a reminder I want it to be separated because that is its function. Quick access pin is quick access pin. Its not a reminder per se. Obviously your workflow is different than mine so you don't understand, because you don't use it. But with 100 + mil users, I'm sure you can agree we don't all use Evernote the same way and it would be insane to expect that we do.

    Reminders serve a different purpose and are not elegant solution for cross referencing information from note to note. Which is something I often do. And Shortcuts when you click on them show you all notes with the one you had as shortcut selected. Again it losses the access to the others in the note stack or notebook. Do you understand now?

    Here is a simple SCREENSHOT to show what I would like. Simple.



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