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  1. 5 hours ago, DTLow said:

    The software is released for   General Availability; the testing cycle stages have been completed  

    This compares to software releases that are at the Alpha or Beta stages in the testing cycle

    There is documentation at https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle

    I hate to be cynical here, but it seems that if you read these forums or try the so called GA releases, they are just betas released to general public. The bugs are either still there, or new ones are introduced that break things that used to work etc. I don't find that funny. I'm still using old version of Evernote 6.5.4. and carefully reading forums here, but it does not seems I am safe to upgrade anytime soon.... its really bad. GA might mean General Availability, but it does not mean safe for work. At least when it comes to Evernote team.

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  2. On 12/4/2017 at 10:28 PM, Jason Miller said:

    Anymore info would be helpful, like the type of content you were trying to drag and drop into EN

    Shouldn't all supported attachment be allowed to be dragged and dropped form and to Evernote as it was the case in 6.5.4 version and before. I mean that is the goal, right? Being able to drag and drop from Evernote to Web browsers for upload is super important and vice versa. It saves soo much time than having to save onto desktop than browse and copy paste back again.

  3. 24 minutes ago, FactMan said:

    Two things - I wonder if some of the slowness that people keep reporting (and I have experienced) comes from the tweaks that MS keeps making to Windows 10 - EN seems to run fine for a while, then there is an update, and EN slows down?

    For the timeline, you might as well stand outside and shout into a hurricane force wind - you will not get a timeline for any release/update from EN. It's just something they don't do. No, I don't work for EN - I have just seen that sentence repeated so many times. Actually, I don't work for anyone at the moment!

    Older version of Evernote works just fine, despite windows updates. I don't think that is the problem, perhaps its just a matter of correlation vs causation.

    And yes you are right about timeline. Something that makes all the sense in the world, since they use so many beta testers and many are payed users as well as help people plan for the future... but some yahoo exec at the top has decided they don't want to share. Been a source of many frustrations for years at Evernote forums. Even promised features were changes and not delivered at all. I'm not sure what is worse.

  4. 1 hour ago, Tractorman said:

    With release (306134)  I have just downloaded and find that it is no longer possible to drag a pdf file to another note or the desktop or to another folder etc.  Can we have that facility back pretty soon please.  I am assuming that the facility has not been withdrawn on purpose; if it has then could I have an explanation please because I find it very useful.

    And I've also just noticed that I can't open a pdf in my pdf reader and editing software (PDF-Exchange Editor)

    I want to know the same thing. Its an important time saving feature that really need to be improved not removed. Please if you have removed it, fix it.

  5. 6 hours ago, Loster2 said:

    Do I exaggerate? I'm not sure.

    But these now don't work or are crazy changes:

    • The big left margin. Hideous. There because they've updated the table functionality! For changes to one feature of a note, they've added a mega margin to every single note.... errmmmm
    • My tables are now all screwed up. Where I had columns set to certain widths, I not find those widths have changed on their own. Much to my dismay... errrmmmm... why?
    • Font sizes now don't work!
      I'll say it again, because it seems too ridiculous. 
      Font sizes now do not work.

      I have Verdana 10 set as my note default. Yet all notes are defaulting to Verdana 9.
      I add in some text, it defaults to Verdana 9, I resize it with the keyboard shortcuts, it goes to Verdana 8... but it looks SMALLER than other text in that same note which is also reporting as Verdana 8.

      Honestly. WTF.

    I remain in denial though. These guys will turn it around. I just can't face the prospect of moving away from such a beloved platform...

    Reassure me we are not in the hands of chimps now??!!!???

    I'm on the same page as you. WTF? Still using v6.5.4 and reading comments in forums while grinding my teeth. Its crazy but payed users are not beta testers and have to pay for privilege. While ever note team can't introduce a feature without introducing dozen new bugs. Reading comments in the forums about every new releases feels like reading horror novel. NSFW. I fear to upgrade and lose stuff. Or have it reformatted in some weird ways.

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  6. 22 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Hi.  More useful to ask for more highlight / text colors so folks can vote in support.  The reason why there's only one color is very similar to the reason there's only two wheels on a bike (usually) - it got designed that way and no-one's improved it yet.

    No need to be wisecrack about it. Its a legitimate question. And has been requested quite a few times. And as DTLow answered in more polite way, they are not treating it as a priority. Which explains why it has not been improved. However it does feel like its a very useful feature that should be improved. I don't have much faith in the upvote system, but if there is one that is actually being read by the development team of whoever is in charge I would gladly upvote. Although considering the latest streak of bugs, I'm not even sure they can implement the feature without breaking something else. If they can do it safely, I would surly like to see it. I upvoted.

  7. 2 hours ago, Aerol said:

    And the font resize issue is still there on 6.7.5. I can not, for the life of me, understand that a product whose whole functionality revolves around text, has a bug like this that persists through multiple releases. Imagine if Microsoft Word started automatically changing font size as you type.

    The "it works on my machine" excuse will only work for a short while, and it's starting to get frustrating..



    I find it unacceptable and disappointing as well, but not surprising. Payed user for years, BTW. Evernote development and management team persists its their inexplicable decisions. I'm still using v6.5.4 version since it works. It has few bugs, not nothing that would prevent me from working. After I tried the new releases, it reformatted my notes and was just too dangerous to use. Too many bugs. Things that used to work, don't anymore and things that should work, act buggy and feel unpolished. Typical evernote. So I'm reading posts such as yours and I really can't believe that people after so many releases and beta updates and bug reports still report the same things since v6.6. Jeez. Wake up Evernote team or hire someone new to fix this. Please.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    Who got fired?

    The news I read said

    Phil Libin will step down as Evernote CEO and be replaced by former Google exec Chris O'Neill, Recode reported on Monday. Libin will remain as executive chairman.


    No, I didn't mean Phil. But some guy who showed up in forums. some evernote developer, this was while Phil was still CEO. Anyway this guy was more open than anyone before on forums about what they will do and asking us what we the users wanted, but I was skeptical so I commented on it. He assured me they will do their best, they changed. After we started to go back and forth the trust was building, than all of a sudden, he is gone. Quite a bit later someone in the thread I think mentioned the guy does not work in Evernote anymore. And he also promised some new big changes, I guess that went right out the window along with him, sort of speak.

  9. Yeah, seems like Evernote has introduced the feature in their typical fashion, all style no substance. Since they are still struggling with basic font and copy/paste functions, and somehow manage to introduce more bugs with each version than they fix.... I imagine tables will be just for show and small spreadsheets. I wouldn't hold my breath to match something like Excel or OneNote anytime soon. Its disappointing, but not surprising. And yes, I would like that function too. It would allow me to not have to embed Excel documents in evernote.

  10. On 5/15/2017 at 4:33 PM, Johnathan Hebert said:

    This is definitely not our intention, and I would like to get some examples from you so that we can improve this situation. Our goal is to preserve the look and feel of all existing notes, clipped notes and externally pasted content. We have tested these changes against many permutations of HTML and a variety of notes, but are still refining the process. Can you provide us some sample ENEX files that are being broken by this release?

    I'm sorry but I find that extremely hard to believe. Just look at the comments. The crowd is not pleased. I don't know who you used for testing but this is pre alpha and warning is warned that it not even safe for testing unless you have no notes. I' have been part of this forums for a while and I have seen a lot of talk but little do. Please fix it. Actually just do your job. I have almost given up. If I didn't have invested years and 16000 + notes in your platform I would have left. This way you got me, much to my frustration. So please at least do your job. Fix the bugs, and try not to introduce new ones with every version. And no, I don't need to point them out because they are available to read about, in your own forums. Not a happy paying customer. You removed features and introduced bunch of new bugs and now you made it not even safe to use. All this while increasing price. Now please do your job and invest that money in less marketing and more development. Thank you.

    Talk doesn't cook rice. - Chinese proverb

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  11. 10 minutes ago, Sugeeth Krishnamoorthy said:

    It's a early beta for God Sake. Time and time again, Evernote has rushed into too many things and which were all broken. Happy that they are taking baby steps. Things will be fixed over time. 

    "Time and time again, Evernote has rushed into too many things and which were all broken." Truer words were never spoken. Not sure how much faith people have into them fixing some bugs. Its well documented that bugs remain despite the complains for many many versions. Seems like they introduce more bugs than they solve with each version and things that used to work get broken, but not fixed.

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  12. It seems that whatever you have done, much of the formatting in previous notes is now broken. Highlighted sentience connect to other sentences with no space between them, and the formatting has been therefore broken. Some cliped notes are now reformatted and not aligned proparly. I don't know what to do, but all the careful alignments on thousands of notes is now broken. It seems to be related to the tables changes and formatting engine changes.

    I appreciate the changes and that you are not wasting our money, but two steps forward, six steps backward approach is not appreciate. This might be beta but feels like Alpha. Needs A LOT more work before its safe to use. I'm reverting back. This is dangerous. You introduce twice as many bugs as you have solved. WTF?

  13. The bug that was introduced in the last update is still not fixed. Please fix it. The bug in question is that when you get to the end of the note and you click enter to create more space or rows for writing, it does not scroll automatically. This used to work, until the last update than it became broke. Still hasn't been fixed and has been reported at least few times. Please fix it. Thank you.

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