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  1. 28 minutes ago, ej8899 said:


    I see this "all the time" when I'm mobile and need to login to a network.

    ie the coffee shop I'm at right now - wifi connects to the network, but I don't have 'access' until I visit their login page - by the time I do that, evernote has popped up this message.  

    I do the "connect to wifi" on the browser screen, hit yes on the security alert and no further messages of those come up during my session.  But, it's back next time I'm at a coffee shop.

    Thank you for the reply. I deleted my original post because I managed to solve it, after resting modem few times and changing DNS setting from my ISP default DNS to Google DNS. Not sure why it started to happen all of a sudden, but works now. :) I was not sure if it has to do with all the sync issues people were having lately, I guess it didn't. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, OrbWeaver said:

    Sorry, I saw it in the "beta 3" section and just assumed it was referring to "beta 3" software.

    They basically said they are planing to release a new GA with known bugs from beta 3, which has happened in the past few GA releases and seems to be getting progressively worse. Makes no sense. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Maddhin said:

    ...so the innocent guys who installed the GA looking for support (and usually not following this thread) have nowhere to go... Another thing that is just not OK.

    ⚰️?(<- nail!)

    Exactly. Its only smaller percentage of users who follow this frustrating forum. The rest of people who install GA are in for a nasty surprise. 

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  4. 14 hours ago, EdH said:

    Sadly, their lawyers would laugh at you. The EULA/TOS specifically excludes damages, or that the the program will even perform as claimed. Very very typical of software contracts.

    In that case only thing is left is for them too lose customers, because it would seem Evernote is only committed to destroying their once bellowed product. 

  5. 43 minutes ago, gustavgi said:

    What's the point of releasing a new GA without any major improvements if it means pushing out a sync bug?

    Yes. And I wonder how they would feel if they got sued for pushing knowingly faulty software with potential data loss to payed users, even after the very same users used as beta testers reported the bugs multiple times. Only in Evernote, folks. Only in Evernote. A 100 year company. 

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  6. 2 minutes ago, s2sailor said:

    No argument from me.  I wasn't implying that it was the right move to make, only suggesting a plausible reason behind the change.

    Fair enough. :)

    Aimed at who ever is reading this from Evernote.... I don't know if what I said is the reason or not, but I do now that if price is what we pay and value is what we get, I'm still waiting on the value for price increase which happened around that time. I would reasonable to expect that whatever the reason for problems was, the extra price we pay for subscriptions should cover it. 

  7. 58 minutes ago, EdH said:

    Another example of making a change no one requested that is buggy and/or feature incomplete instead of working on issues that users are complaining about. Tons of bugs just carry forward, or issues like inability to hide/remove the massive NEW NOTE button, or lack of a Format Painter icon in the note toolbar.

    Yes. Features wise, I have no idea why someone thought that emoji is more important to users than format painter, or some kind of font style feature. Something requested for ages, while emoji if requested I didn't remember reading about it. 

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  8. 20 minutes ago, s2sailor said:

    My WAG is that there was a financial reason behind this.  License fees, support costs, something ... otherwise it truly makes no sense at all, at least to me.

    Cost and license fees should be taken care of by boost in subscription prices for which we got only more bugs. Perhaps you remember when that happen. We were promised features, but we didn't get any noteworthy features, and I'm not counting the now resident joke - emoji. 

    Coincidental or not, this also happened to be time when the new CEO showed up who was former Google guy. This also included the ability to log in evernote with both evernote account and google account. Which I found supicious considering that Google is not know for privacy and Evernote was considered a place to store sensitive private information away from likes of Google and Facebook etc.

    Anyway, at the same time or about that time, if I remember correctly, maybe someone can correct me. but seem to be that we also started using buggy chrome editor. I smell google again. So if I had to guess, and I have no proof of this, just educated guess, its Google guy making way for Google. I said back than, Evernote will end up being bought by google eventually and the way things are been going downhill, I would not be surprise if that happens in the near future. Because I haven no idea how Evernote is making money or intents to keep its customers by being this sloppy with their product. Somebody will buy them. And google seems like prime candidate, they already have the insider. 

    All that aside, Evernote has been making some really strange choices about main editor, UI design, and features for a while now. One thing that seems to be consistent with Evernote even before new CEO was lack of interaction with its users and listening to feedback. At least in the past, bugs were minimal, but since Evernote 6.5. 4 it was a disaster. I don't think I need to go down the timeline of all the bugs and bizarre choices on this forum. We are all way to familiar with it. 

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  9. 29 minutes ago, GrumpyMonkey said:

    I don’t think there is ever a good time to try and upsell paying customers — I don’t know how the idea of inserting annoying ads into my app ever got out of any committee. And then, someone apparently thought it’d be a good idea to make it so that you get the same ad on each platform, and you have to dismiss each one individually. If I was considering spaces before, I’m not today! 

    I don’t care if the editor becoms the gold standard in the industry, the marketing gimmicks will always annoy me. For reference, I’ve been around ten years now, I actually argued to keep the original ad scheme (very smart to assign it an out-of-the-way location and make it easily opt-in / opt-out). “Ads”aren’t bad, but the annoying implementation is.I think it can be done better, don’t you?

    The same thing goes for the editor. On good days, it works great, and then there is a rewrite from the ground up (how many times now?), lots of broken stuff that will get fixed on the way to great things (so we are told), and yet a simple bullet list still reliably fails on multiple platforms. After ten years, I think a lot of us are expecting a more professional, measured approach that has no tolerance for ironing out the bugs after the shiny new thing has rolled out — we’re paying professionals who want to get work done. I’m actually not in the least bit annoyed or troubled by the editor at the moment . I’m working around the problems. I just think it’s long past time for Evernote to change things up a bit.

    Try herding all of your cats into a room, working out the existing bugs, incorporating user suggestions, and releasing something solid that lacks any bugs (or , at least, no significant ones).Once is enough. It’ll blow our minds. I imagine the gratitude from users will also warm the cockles of your hearts. Wouldn’t you like to give it a try?


  10. 9 hours ago, JMichaelTX said:

    From the blog mentioned above:

    It is very sad that after nearly 5 years of working on a product that "we've been working on for quite a while", the so-called "Common Editor" is still not finished, still not stable, and in many respects worse than it was before.

    So true. Even back than, I was the first one to post and I posted my skepticism about it. The developer assured me this time it will be differentiate, and it seem that he was honest about his intentions, but I was told later that he was probably fired, when the new management come on board. And that was all she wrote... as they say. Sad state of affairs in Evernote. 

    Also they keep on sending us emails trying to sell us the wonderful evernote tips and tricks and new features. A marketing team totally out of touch with the development team, which only is good at delivering more bugs and features no one asked for. While the CEO is doing god knows what. It would be embarrassing if it was not corporate America, which knows no embarrassment. 

  11. 44 minutes ago, chirmer said:

    Hi Nick,

    Can we get any information on the status for the PDF viewer in Evernote? Everyone hates it. Features were removed, including drag and drop, and people have been expressing disdain and regret over this for months in the forum. Can we get an answer from someone at Evernote that we're even being heard? Will we get that functionality back? Can we opt-out of the Chrome PDF viewer you've decided to use?

    I have personally chosen to stop using Evernote and move to a different product because of this. Not just the complete breaking of a useful feature of your product, but because of Evernote staff's lack of response in addressing our concerns. I have lost faith in the company, in addition to the product. A direct answer from staff, for once, would make a big difference.

    Thank you.

    This, I feel the same way. 

    This happen since the new Evernote CEO came over from google. Push for Google products at the expanse of its users and features. Not cool. guys. 

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  12. 7 hours ago, Nick Nassiri said:

    Hey Gang,

    I wanted to thank you for all the feedback. I get your frustration, and I think it's essential for you to know that there's a Windows team behind every release.
    Our client should perform more reliably, with no input lag, and with an improved UI -- in that order. We want this too! Unfortunately, it takes time to re-engineer aspects of our client.
    Behind the scenes, we're chipping away at subtle software improvements that don't materially change the product, ergo they don't result in a bullet point on the release notes.

    We seriously didn't just push out a release that only makes emojis more accessible. 

    I've been advocating for more frequent releases so that we can get these behind-the-scenes changes into the hands of our users on a regular basis. 


    Nick from the Windows Team


    Hi, Nick

    If you are the one responsible for "advocating for more frequent releases, so that we can get these behind-the-scenes changes into the hands of our users on a regular basis." Did you ever consider that being a payed user of your product does not mean we are happy to pay for the privilege to be beta testers as well? I certainly didn't agree on that. And that is exactly what has been going on. 

    If you want frequent releases, keep them in BETA stage, and let volunteers test it. Once it hits General Release its not a joke. I'm not paying you to test your product, I didn't agree on that. If you want volunteers, that is fine, people on these forums seems to be wiling to test and reports bugs. But not people who use it for IMPORTANT private and professional work. We are paying for reliability, security and stable releases, not for privilege of being beta testers. Its an insult to users. 

    Stop releasing untested products to market, keep them in beta for reasonable time and make sure you fix all the reported and discovered bugs before it goes into what most companies use RC (Release Candidate). Version of product that is supposed to be bug free and its there to be tested, as a final version, just before its released to general public. 

    That is what we the users want, and that is your responsibility. Please don't advocate anything that users have to pay for with lose of time and precious data. Its enough we are paying with money. 

    Thank you. 

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  13. 6 hours ago, EdH said:

    How about not releasing them to the GA and letting your beta testers beat up on it? Every beta thread has a ton of issues brought up but as many bugs make it through as get fixed. For some reason Evernote seems intent on pushing out releases just to have an update to announce regardless of quality. No one would give a flip if you worked for 3 months to release a STABLE release with NO NEW FEATURES AT ALL, just fixes.

    In fact, most of us would praise such a move.


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  14. 50 minutes ago, OrbWeaver said:

    It's a general release because of all the emojis that are now available. All the 12-year old "Premium" subscribers were demanding these oh-so-important emojis so they could chat with their pre-teen buddies. They didn't need reliability as a 12-year-old's chain of thought generally doesn't last more than a few minutes. Those lost notes were forgotten almost as soon as they were created so they are not an issue. EMOJIS are far more important. The EN people had to decide whether note safety or emojis represented the cash flow and the emojis won.

    Now how do I write a semicolon and a close parenthesis without getting some silly smiley winking at me?

    Indeed. At least you used sarcasm font. Kudos.

    I am not sure if that will change anything, but you do make a good point. I don't remember many people asking for emojis, compared to fixing bugs, stability improvements,  security improvements, more devices we can use, and more notes and notebooks we can create. Something that has not been improved for a very long time and actually reduced for some users. And off course useful features like text editing features that almost all professional competitors have. Even features that were step in the right direction, like reminders got left behind with not much investment in improving those, also asked by people. 

    Either way, there comes a point where stability and reliability and security is paramount. Something that makes the service and app actually safe to use and we are paying for. To evernote; you can have all the emoji you want, just fix the existing bugs first and please don't introduce two new bugs for every one you fix. Please. Raise your standards, and be professional about it. 

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  15. 2 hours ago, Jon lowbank said:

    Lost Functionality v6.10 includes 

    1. Easily Scroll note without scrolling PDF's
    2. Ability to drag PDFs to Gmail and other applications. (a deal breaker)
    3. Ability to drag PDFs to other Evernote windows. (a deal breaker)
    4. Double click a FDF and view in my system viewer. 
    5. See attached screenshot where PDF shows in thumbnail but not in note. (lost Data !!!)

    I never print or download PDFs so the two buttons are of no use to me.

    Also can not drag photos to Gmail and other applications v6.10

    Can anybody add to the list?

    I'm going back to http://cdn1.evernote.com/win6/public/Evernote_6.7.4.5741.exe


    I can't add to the list myself because I have tried few betas, lost work which is unacceptable, and in this place there is no one to complain  to off course. No one cares or listens. So I went back to Evernote 6.5.4 before they changed the editor and ***** everything up. Now I'm reading horror story after horror story on these forums waiting for some kind of good news that its safe to use the application I'm paying for. So far all I'm seeing is more bugs and more bugs. Ladies and gentlemen we are paying more than we used to for the privilege to be not beta testers, but alpha testers. While evernote keeps on insisting to take away key features, many depend on, like drag and drop. A simple drag and drop. In an app that is supposed to be all about productivity. Somebody lost their mind. Feels like twilight zone. In 2018, we can't drag and drop in a productivity app that already had that function working just fine. And we are paying more money for the privilege. That's crazy. 

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  16. Simple. Make it bug free and reliably stable. As for the features, they are second priority, but there are endless request for dozen or so features which users have been asking for years now and non have been implemented or responded to by Evernote in their usual fashion. Trying to make the same list and request again feels like Sisyphus impossibly thankless and incredibly frustrating task. 

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  17. 10 minutes ago, chirmer said:

    I'm so frustrated. These betas are a slap in the face to power users. I don't care, at all, about subtle fixes to a button. But I do care about drag-dropping PDFs and images, and I do care about a stable product.

    Please, you guys. I've been beta testing for years and years, and never have I been so frustrated. You are ruining this product with your misdirected focus. 






    Amen to that. Super frustrating. I'm still at version 6.5.4 for the same reason. A payed customer.

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  18. 24 minutes ago, lisec said:

    Agreed.  I had to revert to the last General Release, and it is quite possibly as buggy as this beta.  Beta's should not be that bad, but for heaven's sake, a general release should DEFINITELY not be as buggy as 6.8 is. I seriously do not know what they are up to, but if the company I worked for put out something this bad (well, they wouldn't because I wouldn't let them), but you can bet your bottom dollar that they would have had patches out within days to fix the bugs. I mean the RELEASE is next to unusable!

    This is no way to create confidence in your product.

    Definitely agree. My hunch is that they hired bunch of untrained and unskilled developers to save cost and than try to figure things out as they go. And so first few betas after 6.5.4 were buggy but they managed to keep track of the bugs. As more people reported bugs they try to keep up with it,  but with no clear understanding of what they are doing or good foundation so it became like a quick sand. Each new beta and or general release since 6.5.4 brings bugs on top of bugs. This conceited with brilliant decision to change editor of Evernote, which needed change, I agree, but not with something even more restrictive and buggy.

    All I can think off, is that they must be using new Evernote to keep track of all the report from the forums. Its hard to imagine how else they could be so incompetent and careless with the number of bugs and broken features. And what about product manager? They must have one. Why so irresponsible to let what is essentially pre-alpha as beta and super early beta as general release. Which ironically they managed to release with beta icon still in circulation until someone reported it. I mean you can't make this stuff up.

    This is not a video game, this product is what people use for work and keep track of their lives, its not some video game that we can easily change. Please, if actual product manager, who has the authority to do something about this, is reading this, please do something about this product of yours before your development team drives people away to another platform. This is getting really embarrassing. Just read your own forums. How can you let this go on? Please, we don't want to lose Evernote and we want to help, but you guys have to meet us at least half way.

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  19. 3 minutes ago, EdH said:

    That doesn't seem right to me. If a beta was designed to fix bug XXX then it makes sense, but Evernote betas tend to introduce 4 new features, 2 regressions, 8 bugs, and fixes for 2 bugs with each beta iteration.

    Yes Indeed. I agree. And we don't seem to be going forward either. Before version 6.5.4 every beta I tested was safe. It had only one bug or none and it was safe to test. Now its getting worse with each beta, from not safe to not even usable. Someone needs to take responsibility.

  20. 17 hours ago, DTLow said:




    The topic of this discussion is   Evernote for Windows 6.8 GA

    You should be opening a new discussion, and posting in the third-party or off-topic forums

    I'd like to join the discussion, but not here

    Normally I would agree with you. I mean as a general principle, sticking to the topic. However , many of these new topics go unresponded, Certainly not from Evernote even when people are posting in them. Pretty soon the forums is filling up with this dead ends. I wish it was not so. Since there is no response from the Evernote team or anyone in charge of disastrous updates we are getting from Evernote lately, and not all are betas, at least not officially... maybe they can read between the lines. The reason this Nimbus business came up, is because people want more than anything for Evernote to work, at least as it used to if not better, and are looking for alternatives. People are not satisfied and there needs to be some valid and meaningful response from Evernote. If they care at all. I mean there should be a legitimate Evernote representative with authority apologizing and compensating with some useful information for the bugs they introduced. All I hear instead is crickets and resident Evernote apologists. I said my piece. I won't engage in anymore Nimbus topics on this threat. If new one is opened, we can continue there. I agree.

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  21. 18 minutes ago, ruudhein said:

    The Nimbus Clipper that goes with NImbus Note is a pleasure to use. Much more powerful, or flexible, than Evernote's. You can select sections of the page, remove sections, etc.

    It works good on my smaller database; on a large 20GB database with a lot of file attachments it can be very slow. As with Evernote this is an up for grabs kind of thing; some large databases work fast, some don't, and God knows why.

    Although I too often feel like "but this is basic stuff, how come this isn't working?!", the lack of viable alternatives gives you an idea of how hard this actually can be. Nimbus Note is the closest I've found in years of looking. It's a company that pivoted its original product, small team, and like Evernote you have a situation where client X does AB, client Y does BC, etc. OneNote, Google Keep, these aren't alternatives to Evernote, just to general note taking. 

    If you're into looking into other things, Joplin is something too but much smaller in scope. It too can import ENEX files, converts them to Markdown. Sync via OneDrive as plain text files.

    Thank you for that info. Appreciate it.

  22. 1 minute ago, ruudhein said:

    @Krunoslav was reading back a bit through this thread. You may want to experiment with Nimbus Note; it can import the ENEX export files from Evernote. Editor has a bit more functionality than Evernote. Windows version feels a bit old and doesn't have search feature parity with their web search but it works pretty well. 

    Like you I also remain in Evernote because I already have so many notes here; knowing I can export to a tool like it is a comforting thought. But I also keep on using Evernote because it 1) has proven to be a long-term worth company that will likely be around for another long time, 2) depending on what/how you use it is very good at what it does. In my case Evernote contains "my life" with thousands of entries of people I met, things I did, etc. I rarely have a problem finding something back and over the years it has proven to be so useful that often family members will ask me to look up something, knowing I most likely have it in my database :)

    The weirdness of the current editor is a bit annoying. Less annoying than the long type ahead search problems we had a couple of years ago but still annoying. Then again, you've probably noticed in your software travels that there's always something annoying or missing. 

    I have heard about Nimbus Screenshot Shot tool and used it in web browser in the past, but I was not really aware of the Nimbus Note. Sounds interesting, promising even. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I appreciate it. :)

    I agree with what you said but I have my doubts about of Evernote being around for a long time. They certainly don't seem to be acting like it. And far mightier and better managed companies have failed than Evernote. So far they seem to be getting by on old fame and lack of strong competition, but I don't see any innovation, or even maintenance, I see raise in price for no return on value for the users, I see restrictions that are there because of old foundation on software that is no longer adequate solution for both users and competitive company. I have serious doubts if Evernote services next few years. If something like Nimbus note or some other software decided to up their game, and offer good migration options of notes from Evernote, I don't see how Evernote can survive for long with their atrocious development team and lack of compelling innovation. There is also a really bad sign when evenote marketing team sends me emails and tells fairy tales of productivity and evernote development team can't make a an update without breaking half the program. I don't know who is in charge of the teams but that is really confusing and conflicting message they are sending to their user base.

    Anyway, thank you for the Nimbus Note heads up. I will be sure to check it out in the near future and see if its a viable alternative. I truly hope it is.

    Happy New Year. :)

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  23. 1 hour ago, EdH said:

    It is, IMHO, another example, of Evernote fixing things that aren't broken and no one was asking for instead of fixing things that are broken.


    Well said. I don't understand the Evernote insistence on doing that when on top of all that they have willing users feedback in forums such as this. All they need to do is give people what they want and the company prospers. Why would they insist on giving users what they never asked for and break what worked while at the same time not fixing what everyone asks for. Makes zero sense.

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  24. 2 hours ago, JohnLongney said:


    I am not going to reply in detail, but 2 points I'll pick up. 

    # 1 Subscription rates were raised on the grounds of financing improvements. Now, if you don't consider that 15 - 18 months is time enough for a team of good programmers to redevelop an editor then I do not know what planet you live on. 

    As I'm loathe to think that the whole Evernote team is composed of staff barely learned on the job,  nobody with any experience and formal training,   I am left with just one conclusion which is that the whole framework, the code, is simply not suitable for those  improvements that even Evernote thought necessary. 

    In this world of displaying and exchanging digital documents, presentations and whatever else,  style and appearance are more important than ever. Time spent on a job, whatever nature, is a premium cost factor. So nobody can afford to fiddle with basic stuff for hours on end. I have a webclip (article) of a page on automatic replies of absence by MS Outlook which I meant to pass on to a friend of mine, augmented with a few annotations. Suffice to say that the Evernote clip showed the headline in font wf_segoe-ui_light,  size 158.  Clipped through Chrome, latest build. I can assure you that display of webpage on monitor and clipped note in EN did not relate at all. I copied the heading from the webpage and pasted into Word, and got same font,  size 55. So much for staying within Evernote.

    # 2 Service, as part of the charge.  OK, but what kind of service?  No message of upcoming subscription renewal, no helpfiles to download,  support chat hours geared to US time, notebook numbers limited, each note limited to 200 MB, search cumbersome with varying results. Basically, so it seems to me, I pay for the use of basic software, use of webspace with some version control, but other than that?  Windows browser web service is dreadful, Android version, forget it. Pen support, non-existent. 

    Best Wishes to All Elephant Lovers for 2018

    Couldn't agree more. I have been pointing this out for a while, no reply off course from the actual team or people responsible. Its like howling to the moon. Frustrating.

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