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  1. Hi, the "Remove Formatting" function couldn't remove line breaks in some of my notes on Evernote. For example, in the note(see the note for details),line breaks between Line 4 and Line 6 cannot be removed by clicking the "Remove Formatting" button on the formatting tool bar of the note. The "Remove Formatting" button can remove other format such as color. So I think the probability of a network problem is not very big. Any suggestions or ideas? Thank you. Line 1Line 2Line 3Line 4 Line 5 Line 6 The html source related to Line 1 to Line 6<div><br clear="none"></div><div>Line 1</div> <div>Line 2</div> <div>Line 3</div> <p>Line 4</p> <p>Line 5</p> <p>Line 6</p> <p> </p> ------------My browser: Chrome 28.0.1500.72 mMy Evernote Client: WebMy OS: Windows XP SP2 VOL CNMy Screen: 14'' broad screen LCD
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