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  1. I've actually had luck continuing to download URLs after one freezes, but it still makes me paranoid enough to keep tabs open just in case. Sorry I can't really offer any suggestions there, but you mentioning that made me realize I should specify. New report: URL: http://grandchase.wikia.com/wiki/Sieghart Selection: Default (the whole page is what it wanted to grab) Build ID: c3984a1/
  2. Same problem once again, devs... Where would I be without my Joseph Gordon-Levitt and my dolls? Build ID: cba2a71/ Page: http://dollsontop.blogspot.com/2011/09/going-abjd.html Seriously though: We need a way of seeing which articles failed. I'm glad I caught these two before they got stuck in Evernote's queue... can I check up on which URLs are stuck copying, before I clear Evernote's cache?
  3. Thanks for taking a look Via right-click -> Options, it's Build ID: b4921fb/ The URL in question is http://inception.wikia.com/wiki/Joseph_Gordon-Levitt
  4. By "Evernote reboot", I meant close Evernote and presumably any background processes that were related. Shoulda been more clear there This is a real pity; I guess paid subscriber status doesn't give me any special entitlements, but this issue seems like one of the more consistent, glaring ones that should be addressed pretty soon. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out approximately how far down a list you are, and make sure you don't jump to the top without pressing Home or otherwise manually navigating, without trying to push you down to where you were first. Ahh well, such are apps. Thank goodness I rarely do massive note organizations.
  5. I am also experiencing this issue. I am attempting to read through a notebook. As I hit the down arrow to advance to the next note it will sometimes just jump straight up to the first note in the notebook again. Its really frustrating. Does an Evernote reboot fix this at all? I haven't found any other suggested fixes.
  6. Hey guys. Evernote's web clipper works almost all the time for me (thank goodness), but today I witnessed a rather nasty hang-up with it. When trying to clip a selection from Wikia, the Clipper got stuck synchronizing. A second attempt was just as fruitless. To make sure I wasn't making a personal mistake, I uninstalled and re-added the extension from the Chrome Web Store, with the same result. What do? I've seen this error before, but usually just re-trying fixes it.
  7. Hello Evernote, I'm experiencing problems while trying to select/sort files. Every few seconds, Evernote jumps its Notes list to the last selected note. e.g. 1) I select a note at the top of the screen 2) I scroll down so it is no longer visible 3) Evernote bumps me back to the top within 0-2 seconds 1) I select several notes a couple PageDowns lower than the top of the list 2) I scroll up past all my selected notes 3) Evernote bumps me down so that the last note I selected is visible at the bottom of the part of the list visible to me. Something about Evernote scrolling me to the last note I selected is happening. This does not always occur, either, which makes it even harder to pinpoint, but it has happened a couple times.
  8. I'm here to chime in -- I have around 400 notes I'm moving out of one folder and into a lot of others. But none of the notes I am moving are at the top, so every time I move a couple, I'm sent up to the top, over and over again. This is greatly annoying, of course. What's worse, Evernote has decided to keep jumping me up to the top of the note list even if I'm doing nothing -- this seems to be a total bug. Help?
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