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  1. ...which has made me think: is code-block formating an option in the software version obtained from the mac app store? can someone please confirm?
  2. Hello there - thanks for trying to help. I don't have that "software update" tab in my settings either....
  3. I'm experiencing the same issue as member Hiob86 above. How do i enable the code block option in the format-menu?
  4. Hello, I have a new macbook pro running the latest version of Mavericks, and also the latest version of Evernote downloaded from the app store. I've noticed that the scrolling is less-than-buttery-smooth when either scrolling through a list of notes, or within a long note. My database is not that large and there are not many attachments. It is quite jumpy and almost hurts your eyes after a while especially given how all my other programs and documents scroll so well. Incidentally, I also use EN on an iPhone and iPad and the scrolling there IS buttery-smooth. Also scrolling in EN via the web is similarly smooth. EN on mac seems to be the odd one out.... Is this something that will be addressed in the next release? Thanks.
  5. support person replied with a "sorry about that". Turns out that the link he sent had not been updated....... more time wasted.... Speaking of wasted time, the local database has finally updated. But given the runaround that EN support was giving me and their lack of meaningful solutions I suspected that the snails pace sync would finish before a solution was found. Perhaps it is lack of sleep that makes me think that that was the support MO....hope not. Anyway, I have asked EN support to explain why it took so long. ALSO, what is the correct method to migrate to a new PC? Surely it cannot be to re-download (sync) everything from the server. Is there a way to export the *.enex file from the old pc, then import to the new PC and have the sync process recognize that the client and remote databases match. I tried that initially yesterday, but the sync process began downloading duplicate notes from the EN server. Any ideas as I'm due to get a new macbook at the end of the month and I would hate to have to go through this again. Thanks for any and all ideas.
  6. Almost 36 hours after starting this process, I've downloaded 900 files. About 20 to go..... Customer support so far has been of no help whatsoever. First guy I spoke to yesterday was polite and helpful but was unable to help beyond asking for a copy of my log file and then passing it to someone else. That someone else asked for an updated log file to be sent. And then came back with the suggestion that I install a "pre-release" version of EN. As far as I can tell that "pre-release" version (Evernote_4.6.6.8360.exe) is the same version that I downloaded from the EN website previously. Anyway, in case this is helpful to anyone in the future, I will update with more information later. Again, if anyone has ANY thoughts on how to solve this I will be eternally grateful.
  7. I should also mention that 50%+ of my notes have attachments -mainly images. Not that that should make a difference as the 900+ notes total around 400mb in total incl. the attachments. Just thought I would mention that oddity in case it is of relevance.
  8. I am in the process of migrating to a new windows 8 PC. Last night I installed Evernote for desktop (ie not the touch version). My notes number a little over 900 and including attachments I think the size is about 400mb. For some reason the "client database" is excruciating slow to sync. It literally downloads about one note every few minutes. I gave up last night but today I have been at this for about 12hrs and yet have only downloaded about 300 notes. it either proceeds at a snails pace (and this is being kind to snails...) or just drops the connection with EN entirely. The support desk tells me they have no idea what the problem is. They aren't even able to tell me when they can back to me...... It is not a connection problem on my end as I was able to download 65gb overnight from dropbox without a problem. All my other connections to servers, VPN's, streaming data are working fine. And yes, I disconnected everything before trying again to sync with EN servers. I saw that there was a discussion here a while ago with a similar issue on the Touch version. Hoping that someone can help with the Desktop version. Thanks.
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