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  1. Good day & thank you for reading my post. I am enquiring how Evernote works with the MS Surface Pro 4. My question is does it act like a PC or a tablet. As an example, on my Windows PC, Evernote uses quite a bit of disk space, whereas with my iPad it doesn't. Which model applies to the MS Surface Pro 4? Thank you in advance.
  2. Good day, I am using version 6.9.2 of Evernote for Windows. When I click on a Note, all the PDF files appear black, I cannot read them. Any png or jpg files are fine. I know the pdf's are there because I can see them on my Evernote for MAC. Suggestions?
  3. DTLow, thank you, I had not seen the two icons on the side. Greatly appreciated!
  4. Ok, So i upgraded to the newest version of Evernote for iOS (V 6.10) . On the previous main page I was able to search for content via "TABS", how do I do this is the new version? Thanks
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