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  1. Hi, Sometimes I see some weird Dutch sentences. How can I help to improve the Dutch language in Evernote? Regards, Pieter
  2. For me it worked fine for a couple of days, now E wont startup. Great! E-support is getting me nowhere (directs me to this discussion). Perhaps a clean install can be helpful but have no idea how to remove everything of E
  3. Searching a map/notebook could be improved by enabling 'press the first letter of the notebook you're looking for'. Now you'll have to scroll down your list (my list counts 166 notebooks). Just a suggestion!
  4. Okay, NFU, here the topic-starter: I wonder ... so you pay VAT in The Netherlands? Than you have to mention this on your site and show your clients your Dutch VAT-number and Dutch based address. DO you have a Dutch office? Also should you bill your clients with the VAT stated on that bill. Do you? Only than it is refundable for people like me. The American rate you charge for foreigners should be without VAT if they have a business. Some clarity please.
  5. Hi, Till yesterday I was a premium member and didn't automatically prolong my account. Today I found out that in the US one pays $ 40.- for a year, whilst we in The Netherlands have to pay € 40.- though this means a difference of more than $ 12.- (€ 40.- equals $ 52.22, and $ 40.- equals € 30.64) That doesn't seem fair my Evernote friends . And why is it only possible to pay with visa/master card?
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