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  1. + 1. I bought the moleskin. I like it. Please stop asking me to buy it again!
  2. When I maximize Evernote on one desktop, its edge creeps into adjoining deskops. See attached. As an aside, I'd love to know why evernote recreates its own gui toolkit and widget sets across platforms when the native OS offers perfectly good (and usable ones). Relearning evernote's colour schemes and icons (and different ones for skitch) does not help me be productive!
  3. I really like the new evernote. I don't mind the lower contrast within the evernote window, but I find evernote gets lost when it floats over other applications like word. I'd appreciate a clearer boarder around the window. I found the two arrows (back-forward) completely unintuitive. Since they were next to my name, I thought they would let me toggle users. Then I thought they might correspond to previous/next note.
  4. When I clip an email from outlook and enter in tags, each tag disappears after i hit enter and start entering new ones. See picture.
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