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  1. Is there a function that allows users to export notebooks/notes? Then I could keep the exported files on my hard drive and delete them out of Evernote (re-import them if I know that I need to search through them). Like the way iCal works with their calendars? Is that doable?
  2. Okay, well - thank you both! That was FAST! WOW. I've since updated my version at the office (home is up to date) and have already found the highlighting and color text very very helpful. The copy note is pretty darn slick too (although I wish it was a command+D quickie). Now I simply need the calendar sync function. I'm sure Evernote is already working on it (at least I really hope so). Thanks again! This was HUGELY helpful. -e
  3. I would like to have a highlighter available so that I can highlight sections of my notes. I would also like the ability to duplicate a note (that I can then adjust when I need to). Think of it like "save as" feature. I would like to have color options for text. I would like Evernote notes to attach to/or have reminders in iCal (for mac users), or a users choice if they need it for Google calendars maybe. I'm sure I will have more wish list items - but these are things I could use RIGHT NOW please.
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