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  1. I have been using penultimate daily for over a year, predominantly writing my gratitude list and a daily todo list each morning. It has been a joy to be able to WRITE those things out. Yesterday, I was excited about the new release announcement and then deeply disappointed by what I found. What registered quickly is that I would have to completely change the way I use penultimate to store information and that there is no good way to bridge from the old version to the new version. I miss pages the most. I added the current days information to the front of the notebook so that when it synced with evernote I didn't have to open the notebook. The first page showed up with the information I needed for my day. Being able to duplicate pages and have different page formats inside as single notebook was useful. Now, scrolling down to the bottom is challenging and time consuming. We at least need a way to place a bookmark in our papyrus paper. The worst of the worst for me is that the app dies when I am writing...and then I have to remember what I wrote and do it again. This morning after it died and I lost my data, I found myself clicking on the checkmark up top so that that would not happen again. That's not cool. The most persistent thought I've had in the last 24 hours of life with this new version of Penultimate is "What were they thinking?". I've enjoyed my time as an Evernote and penultimate user and I truly hope you can return it to the stellar app that is was.
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