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  1. I had to delete not just the .exb, but .exb.* -- deleting just .exb resulted in the same issue you had, Paddytc - notebooks and tags gone even though notes restored. I had to wipe everything about Evernote off of my hard drive and then do a reinstall of 6.25.1 (not Legacy, which is 6.25.2, but original 6.25.1) in order to get back to normal working order. I agree, unhappy with recent Evernote changes. I tried OneNote once a few years ago and didn't like it, so I am hoping I can stay with 6.25.1 indefinitely - perhaps naive, but ...
  2. No, not a new user - I've been a premium user since 2011. The punch line is that a complete reinstall today fixed the problem, but I still don't know what happened in the first place. To answer the questions you ask, though, which I should have done from the start: I did update to v10 a few weeks ago, really disliked it, so uninstalled pretty promptly. Went back to 6.25, but it was that "legacy" version (6.25.2) that kept encouraging me to upgrade, so I uninstalled THAT and used my original 6.25.1 installation file, which was still sitting in my downloads folder. That was working just fine for
  3. How do I get to Tools/Options/General to use this solution? My version of 6.25.1 won't open, period, so I can't get to Tools or anything else - it opens, tries to sync, and I get the "Evernote not responding" and that's it. Any help?
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