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  1. Thanks. I guess I should have done that first.
  2. I have a free account, using my computer and android phone. For the 3rd time, maybe monthly, I get locked out because an iphone is now in the list. I get 'iphone - last used 4 days ago'. Is someone trying to use my account, a hack, or is this an Evernote scam, to get people to go premium? And E'note only seems to answer questions for pay users. If I'm at the computer, I can easily delete the unknown phone. But it's still annoying. Thanks
  3. Solved? I read a suggested thread. It seems to work if I create the note on the phone (and save), then fill it in on the computer. I'll have to work on getting it to save on the computer, first. Now, it seems to be saving the file from the computer. Wadya know... Thanks
  4. I have a problem that may be simple? I have 11 notes in evernote, but recently, only 8 showed up on my phone. I thought there might be a limit, so I deleted 3 - and only 5 showed up. Any ideas? I had to combine my grocery list with a file that did show up. My account is free, the phone is a Samsung 4, tho I had the same problem with my old droid. They all show up on the computer. Thanks
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