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  1. Thanks for the idea. After I posted I left my computer on and went to dinner with my wife. Sometime while we were out the initial sync completed.
  2. Is there a way for me to see the progress of an initial sync? I got a new computer at work yesterday. Evernote was one of the first things I installed and the sync ran for a couple of hours yesterday and then all day (at work) today and it is still going. I'd rather not have to do something drastic if a little more patience is called for but I didn't think I had this many notes since I cleared out a lot of old and unwanted ones earlier this year.
  3. I have tried exporting to PDF using Riddle's tool and all I get is the link to the web view in a PDF. The option posted by cjarmk looks like it would work but that is just too many steps for something so easy to do in a desktop environment, especially on a Mac.
  4. Hi all, As part of the "Fix for missing notes that would not down sync from the web service to some iOS clients for some users," the first launch of v7.7.8 will perform a one-time "integrity sync" to verify that all notes are down synced from the service. This involves downloading the sync headers which includes metadata and will inform the client to down sync notes that are not present in the device's database. The duration of this process will vary depending on the number of notes in your account and the speed of your network connection. (As a benchmark, on a speedy wifi network, my account of >6,000 personal notes + >5,000 business notes took less than 3 minutes.) After the first launch, one-time integrity sync, your device should sync as normal. I hope this helps. Cheers, Chuck I think the issue here is that for a number of us the "integrity" sync repeats every time the app is opened and not just a one-time thing.
  5. I gave up and deleted and reinstalled the app on my iPhone 5S with iOS 8.4 and that appears to have resolved the issue. It bugs me because there's still a lot of config to do in the app after all this but now I don't have to wait and hope it's fixed soon.
  6. I'm having the same issue and when I try to submit a bug report from within the app it fails to send. I'm really surprised that this appears to have received such poor QAQC before being released.
  7. Thanks! I used the link and reported the bug. I'm really glad to know I wasn't losing my mind.
  8. I hope I'm posting this in the right place but ever since upgrading to Evernote 6.0.6 (I'm running 6.0.7 now) I have not been able to consistently get files in notes that I direct the software to show as attachments rather than viewed inline. Some will stay as attachments while some will always switch back to inline view the next time I return to the note. It doesn't appear to be the file type because it happens on the same files but not the file types (the ones I'm dealing with are docx, doc, xlsx, xls and pdf). Is this a bug in the software, am I doing something wrong or some other option? Thanks!
  9. I kind of feel like this too. I understand that developing for Mac and iOS makes things easy but as a Windows user who prefers Firefox I do feel like a second class citizen when it comes to Evernote products. And I even pay for premium and have to wiat months to get the new features that have been on Mac or Chrome for a while. Heck, I'm still waiting for PDF markup to come to Skitch for Windows and it's pretty much already come and gone on iOS. (I know it's back now but that's more of a "kind of" back and not really back).
  10. Guys, the instructions on how to do this are on the page where you download the beta version of the clipper: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s13/sh/c5e4f53e-8dac-4caf-a18c-6721d71eb3df/740d996fc41c7565b96af7295b1e85e4
  11. This worked for me too. Although the last one solved my problem too.
  12. I had a similar issue when I was upgrading to the beta version of the button and I had to go make sure that I re-enabled the plug-in. Have you checked to amke sure that it is still enabled?
  13. I just tried the updated plugin and that appears to have solved the issue for me. When I first activated the clipper it was greyed out as before but after a second it gained a normal appearance. Thanks for the fix!
  14. I am experiencing the exact same issue with the web clipper. If I click the button and then hit enter I can clip a page but I can't edit antyhign about what I'm clipping. Same thing with regard to Win7 64bit, FF 26, English, etc.
  15. I'll second this. Not having the ability to do this has prevented me from using Evernote as much as I would like because attached documents and images don't resize in a useable way.
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