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  1. May 2019 and still not fixed. Working on a cmd line and using evernote is about to end for me, forever. Its too dangerous as someone has already mentioned it. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO COPY AND PAST OUTSIDE OF EVERNOTE WITHOUT INCLUDING THE 'RETURN' ON THE END OF EVERY LINE. THAT MEANS EVERY TIME YOU COPY FROM EVERNOTE YOU ARE FORCED TO HIT 'RETURN'. THINK ABOUT THAT. RETURN OOPS
  2. Hi there, long time user of Skitch - and as of this new version tied to evernote it is killing me. After a few bug updates and different settings I have Skitch uploading to my personal SFTP. The images are uploading to correct place on my sever. That is finally working ok. Now I can't copy the URL to the image I have just uploaded! What is the point in uploading if you can't copy the URL? im running V2.6.1 which I just downloaded direct from evernote.com/skitch When I share the skitch to my SFTP then hit Command + / it copies an Evernote link not a link to my SFTP. I have said this to support numerous times - I will never use evernote and skitch together. I'm sure I am not the only one. The number of times I use screenshots for work during the day my Evernote would be so full of ***** in a week. Help! Thanks, OliT
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