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  1. I'm surprised to hear 30 photos put you over your limit. I'm guessing the size of the photos must have been really BIG. When I converted my recipes from pulled magazine pages to documents for Evernote, I used a scanner and had them saved as PDF files. My scanner also converted the images in them to readable text so I can copy and paste out of them (handy for making shopping lists). I think you might be wise to consider switching to scanning recipes over taking photos of them and see how that goes. Candice, thank you so much! I don't have a scanner, but it may be worthwhile to get one. The photos I take with my phone are about 10-12 MB and you only get 60 MB of free space per month on EN. I tried converting my jpg photos taken with my iphone to pdf's, but it only saved about 1MB per photo. I still may end up going premium since you get 1 GB per month/1024 MB's, but I would love to figure out an alternative if possible. I just downloaded an iphone app called Tiny Scan PDF Scanner and it seems to be working. I took a photo through the free app, then I emailed it to myself from the app, then I saved the pdf in a folder I created on my regular computer. When I right click on the file, there is a “send to” option and I chose Evernote, which uploaded the file to EN. The two page color recipe that I “scanned” was only 283kb, so that’s a HUGE improvement! Now I just need to find out if I can upload in batches, and decide if it’s too much trouble to email each file to myself and save them individually. If I find a way to email multiple files at a time from the app, and/or send multiple files at a time to EN I will update this post. Thank again J
  2. Hi, I've also been using EN with great success to organize my recipes. I like to take photos of cookbook and handwritten recipes and add them to my searchable recipe notebook with tags. I haven't been able to find another way to digitally save, organize and search recipes from paper books along with my clipped web recipes, so this is working great... unless somebody knows of another program that does both? The only problem is that after I uploaded about 30 recipes as photos from my paper cookbooks, EN informed me that I was out of space/reached my upload limit for the month. Is the only way around this to buy the premium version? If anyone else has purchased the premium version, could you ever conceivably run out of space? I'm a professional personal chef, so I may need to upload around 100 recipes a month to my library in the form of photos. A lot of the best recipes are found in actual cookbooks, and you can't find all of those recipes online. Any suggestions/insight would be much appreciated!
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