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  1. The most recent penultimate update as of 11/05/2013 made little to no difference for me in the quality of penultimate + Jot Script. Letters are still dropped, wrist still makes marks all over the page and now the stylus seems to randomly disconnect. I spent more time in lecture today trying to fix mistakes it made or get it to connect again than I did taking quality notes. Over all I am really disappointed with my purchase of the Jot Script as well as its integration with penultimate. ***To clarify Penultimate is working fine with any "normal" stylus I use, just not the Jot Script
  2. I am currently a medical student and I receive between 25-35 PDF files each week. Skitch has been really useful for annotating these during lectures and studying, but I have been having an issue with the space this uses when the notes sync to evernote. In general the size of the PDFs range from 1mb to about 20mb after I reduce the size with adobe acrobat pro. I generally go through each PDF 3-5 times before a test and each pass I generally make a new annotation somewhere along the way. Even with premium the allotted space is quickly consumed if I study in this fashion. Does anyone have any suggestions I can do to fix this? Or possibly suggestions how I might effectively integrate another cloud storage service along with Evernote/Skitch? Thanks, Cody
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