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  1. While I'm working on something else, a window for Evernote will randomly pop up in the middle of my screen. Usually blank. What is up with this? It has started happening since I updated to version 10.x.x
  2. Interesting: I wrote to support about having multiple notes open and the ability to have a note open and see the main window at the same time. They told me it was something that might be restored / coming and how to revert to the old version. Today I discovered by accident that you can have multiple notes open and or have a note open and the main window open. The secret: Double click a note. It will pop open leaving the main window open as well. Either the tech support person who answered me didn't really read my request...or they didn't know that the feature still exists but is accessed
  3. Other users: Please add to this list; things you used and need back. I imagine I'll discover more things. I've already reverted to 7 on one of macs. (Wish I could revert the IOS version too; now multiple taps to do things that used to be easy. ) Ability to have multiple notes open Ability to have a note open / popped out & have the "main view" visible Ability to see multiple notes that meet a search criteria in the grid layout (where notes look like postits) Sync button (yes, I read why it's gone, but it's still needed sometimes) Restore "format" to the me
  4. I wonder if there is some way to drag or easily see details about one contact in a mac address book in an evernote note. I am trying to create a to do list of folks to call, it would be so great if I could just drag contact info either from my address book over to evernote. If I try that I get an unviewable .vcf file...which I don't want. Any ideas?
  5. It's easy to get to the "notebook view" and once there you can "right click" aka control-click to open a notebook inside a notebook You can just do step one below then drag an existing notebook to the stack you want, or do this: tap Command-option-2 to go to notebook view select the notebook where you want to create a stack, or the stack where you want to locate the new notebook control click, on that stack or notebook choose the first option "Create a new notebook in...." to exit notebook view just click anywhere in the sidebar I agree a better user experie
  6. Thank you! Thank you! When I looked into this earlier I saw only the annual price quoted; with your info, I went ahead and clicked the $69.96 link and see I can do just a month! So helpful!
  7. I am migrating to a new phone; but I am not ready to kill off my old phone yet. I'd like to run evernote on both devices for a week or so. However, I also have Evernote on my laptop. So that would exceed the two device limit. Is there some way to get a short-term premium account -- not a full year-- so I can do this. Or is there any other legitimate work around to do this for a week while I make certain the new phone works for me?
  8. DT Low, nice workaround to look at activity monitor. My comment is more to the evernote team. Mac programming "toolbox" used to spec that when stuff like this is going on the program provide the user with some sort of feedback (thus the spinning wheels, progress bars etc.) it's just good / courteous programming. Also: be careful not to conflate re-building the index with full sync. Two different things. It does SEEM as though the last release/update somehow did a number on many of our indices.
  9. I have this problem as well. I think I am rebuilding my search index as I type this, however after giving me the warning that it may affect performance / take time...there seems to be no feedback that it is working (re-indexing) or notification that it's done...so I'm puzzled. Used to be a mac cardinal rule to get some kind of feedback on operations like this. Something spinning, a progress bar, what have you...
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