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  1. Agree. I just re-read ShaneD of Evernote’s team post see below it’s like Shane did not even realize this was a feature of Evernote macOS and Evernote Windows for over 11 years!! Yesterday Evernote search couldn’t find a note that I knew I had but couldn’t remember what notebook - I tried latest web, latest iOS, and macOS legacy for a unique word not found. Then I found it manually searching a bunch of notebooks and edited it. Today all 3 clients find it. Hard to believe even a basic feature like search is broken. I gave up filing bug reports I get a generic email for novi
  2. 1. Dropping advanced features like Local Folders without telling users before they upgrade that certain functions have been dropped - speaks volumes about not caring about your power user base and going for a "consumer market." There was no list of "this is what we've dropped" -- and I'm still discovering what's been broken. 2. I just discovered the macOS Evernote command line interface that I use with GeekTools is no longer working, also broken due to upgrading I'd guess. Hard to find anything on this. 3. Evernote's "use the legacy app" is annoying, because their own tech support ad
  3. I agree, manual sync is VERY helpful. I have a weeks-long open support ticket con duplicate notes across devices including web browser access and basically, autosync is part of the problem - still doesn't work reliably, especially for frequently edited and longer notes. Bring back a button across platforms (or a gesture, or a shortcut, or all) - some way to manually refresh in ALL platforms including web browser. And as importantly, fix the underlying corporate policies where Evernote programmers decide to *remove* features and basically do NOT do it. It is one thing to add a new feature
  4. This CEO blog post suggests some of these features may be restored: https://evernote.com/blog/state-of-the-product/ But I'd feel better with a specific list that is on the "backlog" so I know what they actually listened to and what I have to give up on. I also am disappointed this seems the 2nd or 3rd major time over the last 11 years Evernote has done this, rolled out a major new release and left out features and then been surprised that it disrupted long term users' workflow.
  5. I just found this CEO blog post which certainly makes sense, and apologizes for breaking features: https://evernote.com/blog/state-of-the-product/ One concern I have is that there is no commitment to restore *all* the advanced functionality in the new unified code base, that was in various platforms, and with a specific time frame, say, 3 months? six? what time for what functions? What functions are not on the roadmap? That would be transparent. And, the suggestion to switch to legacy is not helpful, legacy macOS had issues with iOS new and creating duplicate notes / note conflicts (
  6. Yes! It is very disappointing that Evernote support told me I have put this in as a "feature request". Evernote has broken other things like in macOS Evernote, you are forced to have auto-format can't turn it off, and that too has to be a "feature request." I used to do much word of mouth marketing for free as I loved Evernote but it is very frustrating when functionality that breaks workflow is removed. And downgrading to legacy is not an option, I had to upgrade because syncing across platforms was no longer reliable with legacy app (buggy also in new but less so). Can here recommend a repl
  7. Agree, this is exceptionally frustrating. It is NOT a feature when a new version *removes* an option that was perfectly good and reduces functionality. Why would the engineering team / designers / programmers ever think of this as a good idea? Who is in charge? Doesn't Evernote have focus groups of power users? Newbies won't know the difference but aren't long term customers as important for growth from "word of mouth" recommendations, and to sustain revenue? I'm stuck with Evernote for now but I certainly won't be recommending it to friends anymore so many features broken in the new release.
  8. A problem with downgrading: I was getting far too many duplicate notes / conflicting changes when editing across devices. Evernote tech support told me to upgrade which has mostly resolved that problem (not entirely).
  9. Evernote is not HIPAA compliant nor compliant with my company policy for encryption-at-rest of cloud based data. But, I am allowed to take personal notes for projects and then link out to company-protected locally stored files and folders. So the link-to-file with file:/// option is the ONLY way I can use Evernote for this type of work. Breaking it has significantly disrupted several in-progress projects. If I downgrade to the legacy version, how much longer is that going to work / be supported?
  10. Hi. Not quite -- local files *AND* folders in macOS (or Windows). Kindly note that this is NOT a feature request. It was a feature / function of Evernote since at least 2009. It is a request to RESTORE a long-standing feature that Evernote programmers broke. As I note at length in a separate post, for projects and due to company policies / updating content, attaching a file to a note is NOT the same.
  11. I agree, as a user for 11 years this is exceptionally frustrating that Evernote would drop a functionality that was in the app for over a decade! That is not updating the design that is breaking thousands of advanced users workflows - advanced users being your most consistent advoctes and stable revenue base. My old links to local files were opening in an earlier release of v.10 (could not create new) but now I can't even open the old links. I use on macOS and I could edit the link-to-local-file with a descriptive name and often linked to a project containing folders as well as files, exc
  12. This would be extremely helpful. I have a great many notebook stacks that I don't want to delete but are Archive material that I rarely search. But I certainly don't want to have to export them and then re-import them to access, nor have to send them to a second account with limitations or pay for two accounts. Basically I want to EXCLUDE them from searches. Obviously I can do that with the "-" tag or a context search within a stack but it's an extra step. There should be a way to designate a stack as "exclude from searches" unless you include a special search key to INCLUDE the Archived noteb
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