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  1. Hi there, I have been using Evernote (free version) for iOS for a few months and really love this product. I have just changed to an android phone for work and am having several difficulties, particularly around the copy & paste functionality. Copy I am unable to copy any text in a notebook when I select it to view. If I click the edit (pencil) icon, and double-tap a word, the "text selection" title appears briefly (less than a second) and then vanishes again. At the same time, the two handles for text selection appear on either end of the word and also disappear. There is no "Select All" provided and because it doesn't stay on the screen, I am unable to copy any note content at all. Paste If I create a new note and try to paste text, I press and hold on the page and the "paste" button pops up as expected but then vanishes again almost instantly. I have found that this always happens if my finder is not where the cursor is located (eg. for a new note, the very left of the screen). If I press where the cursor is located, the paste button pops up and stays, but any formatting is completely lost as it only appears to past plain text. All bullets and indented text are reduced to just lines of text which for the purposes I use it for, renders the app completely useless. On iOS for my iPhone, iPad and OSX for my MacBook Pro, Evernote performs perfectly. For some reason the android app just does not want to play ball for me. I am running Evernote version on Android 4.2.2 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, PJ
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