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  1. Hi Jackolicious, thanks for the reply. We are using the most recent Mac clients. I did submit a support ticket but as you can see I was having trouble adequately describing the problem to differentiate it from the normal questions about tags in shared notebooks so the answer I got didn't help. In the end I used AppCleaner to remove the app, the preference files and all Evernote data from her Mac then reinstalled and resynced her account and she can now add any tag that I have already created.
  2. Hi I have shared a number of notebooks with another user. The notebooks and notes sync fine but all the tags do not seem to have synced. I would like for her to add tags to the notes she adds to the shared notebooks. The tags already exist in the shared notebook and she can see those tags in the notes I have added. But when she tries to add any of my existing tags to her new notes it gives an error about the notebook must already contain the tags and her tags disappear. I can find plenty grumbling in the forums about not being able to add tags to shared notebook but nothing about tags not syncing. Any ideas? Thanks Mike
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