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  1. Like a lot of things, "too expensive" is relative. When selecting software for my own personal use, I absolutely agree with your comments about published prices. If it's not published on the website, it's probably out of my league & I don't want my name/phone number added to someone's database. And there are some apps that are feasible for both personal & business use, which will have published prices. OTOH, when you're talking about software not for personal use but instead for business use (as Webdam appears to be), there are a lot of companies that do not post prices b/c they really can't, since it would depend upon what they would suggest for your use as well as how many seats/users/licenses you'd need. It's not because it would be too expensive for your use case or that the company is shady. It just means they need to have more details regarding how you want to use the product in order to provide an accurate estimate. When you're in that league, it's a bit like trying to get an estimate to have your car repaired w/o the mechanic looking at your car - they simply cannot give you an accurate estimate w/o seeing the car first hand. Couldn't agree more. We'd have to know more about any business before providing pricing to make sure we're giving the most cost-effective quote for your needs. Very well put BurgersNFries!
  2. Hi Sarah, You should check-out WebDAM, it's a cloud platform where you can manage, centralize, search, distribute all of your pictures, documents, creative files and more. We work with over 200,000 professionals that face the same issues you have described. We help teams work easier and faster with all of their visual media making it easy to add keywords or tags to pictures, maintain an organized folder structure and hierarchy, improve searchability and help your users intuitively navigate through all of your pictures, and more. We'd be happy to give you more information or answer any questions you may have. You can see a quick demo here: http://www.webdamsolutions.com/digital-asset-management/enterprise-dam/ Hope this helps! Melissa 877-408-4888
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