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  1. Thanks for the info Mike and BnF, So... the Evernote plugin is not so handy as I thought. Then I will use my workflow via the import directory of Evernote. The possibility to change a PDF before I import it, remains. And indeed, I have to be aware of the upload quota in Evernote ;-) Edwin.
  2. I use the portable Canon scanner P215 with the CaptureOnTouch software that comes with a Evernote Plugin so you can scan directly to Evernote. After installing te Capture software and the Evernote Plugin, I can't select anything in the Capture software to scan directly to Evernote. In the settings of CaptureOnTouch, I find out that the Plugin is installed, but where does it fit in the scansoftware?? If I look in to the manual of the Canon scanner, there has to be a extra outputsetting to Evernote, there isn't one! Ofcourse there are a few work arounds, like scanning into a folder that is set as auto import folder in Evernote.. Or scan to a selectable EXE in CaptureOnTouch, and select the Evernote.EXE... But thats not the meaning of installing a plugin. Does anybody have information for me what is wrong and solve this Issue? Edwin. System: Windows 7
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