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  1. Being able to move paragraphs up and down (and highlighted text), left and right using <alt> <shift> arrows has always been a favorite function of mine in microsoft word, one note and outlook. I have wished, wished and wished for it to become a reality in evernote. It helps make organizing text so simple. No mouse needed. It is not just useful for outline levels, but for any paragraph text that you want to move around. Up, down, indent or un-indent. I sincerely hope Evernote will consider this. This will really enhance the value of Evernote as a brainstorming tool. One simply comes up with a random list of ideas, then uses <alt> <shift> arrows to put them into correct sequence, to group related ideas under a heading. A truly wonder feature for evernote. Please add it. So many people will be thankful if you do, and when you do.
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