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  1. I clipped a long page from FaceBook. Its about 2MB note site. But whenever I try to open it, I get two popup error messages: Fatal error: Evernote.exe v5.8 has encountered a problem Miscrosoft Visual C++ Runtime Libary Any idea why this is happening? Thanks, Jon
  2. Is it the case that it just looks for changes for notes and syncs those notes? e.g. if I edited note1 on my Android and note2 on my PC, would it correctly sync then?
  3. I have a iMac, PC and Android with Evernote on all of them. My concern is that if I have Evernote open on all three at the same time, any syncing would not work correctly. How does it tackle this situation? I mean I could potentially be adding material to all 3. Would it lose info in this situation? Thanks, Jon
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