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  1. My iPhone 5S with the latest iOS does not let me change the image size under settings, but if I understand this suggestion it is to take lower resolution photos, rather than being able to adjust the dimensions of the photo in EverNote. I think we are all hoping for the simple ability to edit the photo dimensions in an EverNote document. Thanks for the tip, but I hope EverNote product management does not think this let's them off the hook for this needed enhancement.
  2. I read somewhere that EverNotes is about making life easier. Well, EverNotes, if you want to make my life easier you will let me include a photo in my notes that I can size. All I want to do is grab the corner and squeeze it to a smaller size so I can actually see the whole image at once. Having to use all these work-arounds described in this forum would make my life harder. I don't want a "process" for adding a photo. Think about it. Notes are snippets of information that you want to access later. Often this is a picture of a place, a product, a person. We don't need Picassa and to
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