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  1. My iPhone 5S with the latest iOS does not let me change the image size under settings, but if I understand this suggestion it is to take lower resolution photos, rather than being able to adjust the dimensions of the photo in EverNote. I think we are all hoping for the simple ability to edit the photo dimensions in an EverNote document. Thanks for the tip, but I hope EverNote product management does not think this let's them off the hook for this needed enhancement.
  2. I don't love it so much. I'm about ready to cancel. Why not just create folders in DropBox (or something similar) and use whatever app works best to create notes as folders. This would not cost extra (e.g. if you already have a Word licence anyway) and everything would actually work. This table thing is not my only grip, but it may be the last straw.
  3. I read somewhere that EverNotes is about making life easier. Well, EverNotes, if you want to make my life easier you will let me include a photo in my notes that I can size. All I want to do is grab the corner and squeeze it to a smaller size so I can actually see the whole image at once. Having to use all these work-arounds described in this forum would make my life harder. I don't want a "process" for adding a photo. Think about it. Notes are snippets of information that you want to access later. Often this is a picture of a place, a product, a person. We don't need Picassa and to tell us that is what we should use means someone isn't listening. A picture is just a kind of information captured at a moment in time and added to text. Pictures speak a thousand words. To not be able to effectively use pictures in EverNotes is an extreme limitation !! I am a Premium user but I have not fully committed to EverNotes yet and one major reason is this limitation. It would be nice to know if it is in the product roadmap.
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