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  1. I guess they are, as I just looked and indeed only Basic and Premium are listed. The more I think about it, the more it is disappointing to learn this approach is viewed as perfectly acceptable versus gathering the customer feedback first and then making a change, whatever that change may end up being. Or has been mentioned, the intent was something other than was communicated...which does make more sense the more I think about it...otherwise, what would the justification be to remove Plus...if it was so unpopular, anyway. I have also begun to wonder if anything we have written here will be read... As I re-read the OP, it wasn’t directly soliciting any feedback and there hasn’t been a subsequent post by @Shane D. since. I also just looked at the date of the post and realized I was very late to the game—really struggle with making time to read the Forum. And, I guess posted to this thread is not a good use of my time! I learned something, anyway...a few things...but one big one—to pay attention to the OP date!!
  2. @Shane D.: We don’t know your plans for officially soliciting ‘Customer Feedback’ regarding needs and I’m sure you will be looking for ‘feature/function-type‘ needs, but I thought I’d still mention something now for consideration, as it has been referenced in this thread, and I have had discussions about it outside of this Forum, as well as experienced other apps that do it... Since your user base is extremely broad, it will likely be difficult to determine a set of features/functions for a middle tier (assuming that is still the approach), so how about some form of an Á la Carte offering? I have personally observed a couple forms of this: 1) Each (significant) additional feature has a monthly/annual fee over the base app (whatever is determined to be included in the base), which is FREE. 2) A subscription option which provides for X many add-on features/functions. For example, the subscription options could be: Basic = Free Plus = Basic plus 4 add-ons (4 is the X that would need to be determined) Premium = Everything There could also be an additional (or more) middle-tier, such as: Plus Extra = Basic plus 8 add-ons (8 is another X to be determined; for example, maybe the first one is 2 and this one is 4) Granted, this may have an end result of a number of Premium users who move down to one of the middle tiers, which may not be what you want from a business financials perspective. Although, it may also result in a number of Basic users moving up to a middle tier, as well, and many more satisfied customers, so could be a win/win! Anyway, just a thought that came to mind, so figured I’d pass it on while I was thinking about it!
  3. I just finished watching Keep Productive’s (by Francesco D’Alessio) video on ‘Best 10 Note-Taking Apps 2018’ that was published today. Evernote was first (1st) on the list and Francesco referenced the three (3) options: Free, Plus, and Premium. Viewers of the video will be surprised to learn that ‘Plus’ is no longer available to them. @Shane D. If Evernote is still standing firm on their decision to remove the Plus option for new customers, you might want to let Francesco know.
  4. Thanks, @DTLow, I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me, but is a deficiency in the Forum app. I agree, I do like the ‘Quote’ feature! I have actually struggled with several ‘How Tos’ related to the Forum app (you may remember me asking you about a ‘User Guide’ before) and I just asked Evernote Support if there is a ‘User Guide’ available and received the official word that there is not, which surprises me. But, anyway, I digress! Thanks for the help, tho!
  5. @Antoine Dozier: Would you be able to elaborate on how this provides “loyal Evernote users a sense of worth for their hard work and dedication to the brand”? i read this my first time through and it didn’t make sense to me and I was just starting to scan the replies again, so thought I would ask in case I’m completely missing a perspective to this. Thanks! (p.s. My apologies if someone else has already asked this question. I wasn’t sure how to tell without looking through all the replies, which I wasn’t prepared to do. If there is a quick way I can tell if someone has already replied and jump to that reply, I’m all ears! I realize this Forum Use question is ‘Off Topic’, but I thought I’d risk it and still ask. ? If you have suggestions, you can DM me.)
  6. I think ‘relevance’ is very subjective and while I agree that it is important we all do our best to stay on topic, I’m not so convinced that the initial comment of... “Just remember, you're now competing with Office 365's FREE solution. Most offices have MS Office, granting them access to a shared notes system.” ...and the replies giving examples supporting that statement related to OneNote, including... ”I have Office 365 free through an educational institution and received a ton of extra OneNote space for free upon buying an external hard drive. I've continued with Evernote because it's familiar and I have a lot of notes, but I hear that OneNote keeps improving.” ...are necessarily off-topic or not relevant. I think it could be helpful for Evernote to be reminded that they are competing with an industry giant that is offering one of the main competitors to Evernote for FREE, so in addition to their needing to be compelling reasons/features for new customers to choose Evernote, there also needs to be price points that don’t seem that far from FREE to get some of those compelling reasons/features. Just another perspective to consider. ?
  7. @Shane D.: I have to say, reading your announcement strictly at face value and not attempting to read between the lines, I find it hard to reconcile. While ‘Plus’ may have proven to be less popular than you *thought* it would be, there are still some number of people who chose Plus for a reason. You have determined, because it is less popular than you thought it would be, that a better solution is needed to meet customers’ needs and gathering feedback will help determine what those needs are. That sounds fine. By gathering customer feedback, you will be able to also determine if any of your assumptions are incorrect, and customer feedback should always be of value to a company. However, the part where things fall apart for me is when you say you are discontinuing adding new Plus accounts. You are doing this *before* you gather customer feedback. Since the Plus level hasn’t been as popular as you thought, I don’t understand the risk of continuing to offer it during the time you gather feedback. And by doing so, you would be continuing to give options to new customers. You could include some kind of communication and questionnaire letting new Plus customers know your current thinking and solicit their feedback. After reading almost all of the other members’ replies in this thread, those who currently have Plus chose it for a reason and would not have wanted to only have had Basic and Premium as choices. I guess the bottom line is this... It doesn’t seem you would receive that many new Plus customers during the time it takes for you to gather feedback, especially if it isn’t that popular, but by eliminating the option for new users, it seems you are not taking your future customers’ needs into consideration at all. In addition, making a decision before gathering customer feedback is contrary to meeting your customer needs and putting your customers first. And to what real benefit? Just my few cents...
  8. @DTLow Curious what link you are meaning by your statement of, “The second link to a specific discussion fails...” ? From just how your post looks/reads, I assume you are referring to @Guest Cooper’s post’s second sentence that begins, “I get this error...” Is that correct? If so, for me it opens a screenshot of the error message they receive when accessing the first link of their post. I don’t know why it seems users are seeing such different results... You say you can access the first link that @Guest Cooper posted, but I get the exact same error that @Guest Cooper receives. I started having this problem it seems like weeks ago now and I haven’t had any additional time to pursue it until today. Like everyone who has posted in this thread that they are receiving errors when trying to access different links, I also receive the errors they do. For example, when accessing the first link in @Guest Cooper’s post, the following is a screenshot of what I see. As a side note, the other problem I experienced back when I started receiving the above error was the link to choose a file was gone. The only options I had were the options that now appear under the [INSERT OTHER MEDIA] button. To clarify, the following is a screenshot excerpt of what was NOT appearing in my post back then. I thought I was losing my mind! I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how I had posted screenshots before. I hadn’t done it for quite a while, so I assumed I just wasn’t remembering something, so I can empathize with all the frustration I’ve read in this thread. After learning about the changes happening to the Forum, I can only assume the effects of the changes being made are more than was ever anticipated. I’ll now have to try and see if I can access the main Forum links that have been stated as being in the upper corners.
  9. I've only just updated to this latest Beta version and the changes look good so far! I do have a couple suggestions for consideration, tho...one I've actually been meaning to suggest for a while, but it jumped out at me even more with the other changes in this Beta. 1. Since there is still plenty of space available in the sidebar, do the icons have to be as small as they are...? Could they be a bit bigger...? Such as in the following mockups. 2. This is something I've been meaning to suggest for a while. In the Snippet view (which is the view I always use with the column set fairly narrow), if the image height was a bit less, more of the title could be displayed. I think it would be helpful if the first row was always reserved for the note title, which would provide more information, as well as consistency when scanning the column looking for a particular note (whether the note contains an image or not).
  10. Yes, Tables have improved, here is a link to a Help document about the new features: http://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314638-How-to-create-and-customize-tables Unfortunately, I ended up on this thread, because I wanted to be able to align text within a table cell, so I wanted to press <Ctrl><Tab> as I'm used to doing in other apps when in a table, but unfortunately, nothing. I even tried adding another column to the table to use for the content I wanted lined up at a tab, but learned that we can't change the color of individual borders within the table—it is the entire table borders or none. The content wasn't going to look right with a vertical line between the text to the left and the text to the right. So seems that we still have very limited options for lining up text. Indents only work if what you want to line up is at the beginning of the line. You can't type a few words and then indent, as it will indent at the beginning of the line, not where your cursor is. Also, just up-voted! +1
  11. Hi, @Maddhin and @Evernote. We can add a Notebook to our Shortcuts (at least I just did on my iPhone), so how is that done behind the scenes...? Wouldn't it be possible for Evernote to make that process available to us to use within notes?
  12. Interesting you say that, @Bill Myers. It reminded me of one of my notes I saw on my iPhone that was blank except for a few characters, but I don't remember what the characters were now. For some reason, when I saw it, I just assumed it was the same issue. It should have registered that it might have been something different, since it didn't contain any real content. Unfortunately, I also didn't write down the note title and I just tried looking for it again and wasn't able to find it; granted, I didn't spend too much time looking. If/When I find it, I can tell whether or not it was created using the Web Clipper and also see what characters are in the note. Thanks for posting this, Bill! I will definitely start paying more attention to the notes I open that don't have the correct content! Also, I don't understand how the problem could be caused by the Website if it displays properly in the Windows client, on your iPad, and in the Web client. It doesn't seem logical at all for the iPhone to be the only one that has the issue.
  13. @Bill Myers: All very well said! I wholeheartedly agree and have had similar frustrations. I have actually been testing OneNote for a while now (when I have free time, which isn't often enough) and have also considered becoming a OneNote Insider to be able to see what is coming and also to help provide input to future versions, etc. to fill some of the holes. They have an Evernote Importer. Although, I really do/would LOVE Evernote...if it did everything *well* that it tries to do...and, I don't really want to change to a new app. I personally think, to remain competitive, Evernote needs to put more emphasis on the word processing functions and pay more attention to their customers' feedback/input. The OneNote team has the first one in spades and from what I've seen, they do a pretty good job engaging with their customers. Having said all that, I know all OneNote users aren't in love with it and some threaten to leave for Evernote, so I realize you can't satisfy everyone all the time, but one other significant difference between the two is OneNote is FREE. I personally pay for two Premium accounts just so my husband can access our home content and do everything the Premium version allows, even though he rarely ever creates a note, and only edits a very few. Off my soap box now!! =)
  14. Thanks, @DTLow, for the info on your experience! Hmmm... That isn't what I'm seeing, tho... I also had some notes in which I created the table on my Mac, it was squished (some down to just 1 character) in iOS, and they are still showing squished in iOS now...and to the best of my memory, I hadn't edited the note in iOS. I'm assuming we don't know for sure if a note was edited in iOS, it will not automatically be fixed, correct? Or if there are other cases the squished tables in iOS will not be fixed? Since a post to this thread has been added to the official Evernote thread on 8.2.2, I hope Evernote chimes in on this... I have an ongoing open ticket about something else, so I will squeeze in a question about this, as well. I also have to read the rest of the posts I haven't read yet, so maybe my answer will still be found.
  15. Thank you, thank you, @Bill Myers!!! I agree with the other comments in your post, as well. I would add that this requires 'all hands on deck' and everything else should be put on hold until this issue is resolved. AND a communication should go out to their users. I'm sure they don't want to communicate it to us, because the communication will then reach the tech reporters and that will result in a public black eye, as other things have for Evernote. I understand, but I have more respect for the companies who care more about their customers than that. Thanks again for continuing to look out for the rest of us!! Your time and attention to this is greatly appreciated!!!
  16. Since my last reply on this topic, I have found several more notes with this issue! I wish there was a way to identify all of the notes that are affected without having to manually look at each note in Evernote for iOS. I would like to ensure they are all fixed ASAP. Like you have already experienced, one of my concerns is I will be out and about with only my iPhone and access to the content will be critical...and that is when I will find another (or multiple) notes with the incorrect content. Yes, this is very concerning! It is definitely NOT making their customers the top priority... I'm not sure what level priority you would call it to not notify their customers. Decisions should not be made based on how many people report the issue. Human nature dictates that some people will simply not report, they will just quit using the product and find another solution. Some will initially. and who knows for how long, assume they have done something to cause it. Some won't come across the issue right away. Some are being made aware of it here and not contacting Support. I honestly wonder if it can even be stated that it isn't affecting everyone... How is that determined? Again, it can't be based on reports of the issue... This is very frustrating...and becoming more so as I continue to find more and more notes with the problem!! I hope we hear something official from Evernote soon!!
  17. @DTLow By "fixed", do you mean your existing tables with very narrow, squished columns were automatically displayed correctly? Or did you have to do something to fix them, or did you manually expand the column width and then they stayed that way?
  18. Yes, I certainly hope we receive an update from Evernote in this thread! I also mentioned it in my reply to the OP.
  19. @Justin Street I have a few questions... Regarding the tables issue, will the tables that have been squished to a very narrow column be fixed or do we manually have to fix them, and the 'bug fix' is that it shouldn't happen to new or fixed tables? What was the issue with offline notebook behavior? I created one offline notebook to enable the look up of information if I was ever without a network connection. I haven't taken time to investigate and have never tested using it, but I noticed it looked like the status bar indicated it hadn't yet completed downloading all of the notes and it has been days. i mentioned this in another response asking a user, but commented it should probably be directed at Evernote to answer... Do you have a list of known bugs posted somewhere? I wasn't aware until reading this thread that there was a known issue where the contents of one note would be replaced by the contents of another note. I just experienced that and assumed I must have done something to cause it, but not knowing how...until seeing now that other people have experienced the same issue. Thanks!
  20. @csihilling From my perspective, looking at your screenshots, they both appear lighter than the previous text in the note...like a dark gray, instead of black. Just my two cents, tho!
  21. @Bill Myers I'm guessing it has probably affected more people and they are like me... I opened a note yesterday that had the content of a different note within it, but I assumed I must have done something to cause it. I had no clue how, but for some reason, I didn't give any thought to it being an Evernote bug...until reading your posts right now! Maybe I would have questioned it as possibly being related to Evernote after seeing it happen with more notes. I'm glad I saw your post! Like you, I'm now nervous about the integrity of the content I'm putting in Evernote. In my case, I'm always working connected...not using an offline notebook. This question probably needs to be answered by Evernote, but do you know if Evernote posts a known bug list somewhere?
  22. It has now been over one additional year we've had to deal with this issue after it was added as a Feature Request in this area of the Forum, and the votes are now up to 22 as of the writing of this post. I wonder what it takes to get Evernote to consider it seriously. In my opinion, it is a bug or a missing feature versus a design choice, as has been suggested. If users have to first manipulate each note to be merged by editing them in a specific order, that simply can't be considered a user experience choice. The logical way this should function is how the Windows version has for years (it seems)—it should merge the notes in the order the user selects them. It would also be helpful if there was a way to determine if the Evernote personnel responsible for deciding whether to implement it have read the request.
  23. Yes! That is what I was referring to. Thanks for the additional info!
  24. @Analyst444 Agreed, but my suggestion was not to employ the development team to handle trivial requests. My suggestion was about enabling users to e-mail feature suggestions and then Evernote staff (not developers) take care of clarifying submissions with the user (as needed), aggregating the submissions including tallying the number of votes based on number of submissions for the same/very similar feature, etc. Then, also manage an area on the Forum that holds a succinct summary list of the aggregated feature suggestions (possibly categorized, too) where users can easily view and vote, if they so choose. Voting would also happen by users e-mailing a feature suggestion that already exists on the list — granted, they have to have the same/similar idea as someone else to *vote* in this manner. Bottom line, this would enable more input from users — from those who want to submit suggestions, but do not have time for the current process and for those who would be willing to view/vote on a succinct list of feature suggestions managed by Evernote. Some will do both, of course. The voting process would still be used to determine what features/functionality the development team spends their time on, so it shouldn't end up being anything that just one or two users have requested — unless it is a management decision to do so. As it stands now, I keep my own list for feature suggestions, enhancement/expansion requests, modifications, corrections, issues with current design/function — everything that doesn't qualify as an individual user support request. Someday, I hope to have time to go through the required process to submit them. I work with another company that utilizes part of the process I suggested — users can submit e-mail (This reminds me!! When I say e-mail, I do NOT mean submitting a Web form and communication comes back to you via e-mail) for suggestions, enhancements, problems, essentially anything regarding their app. They also manage a list(s) and add your vote, when applicable. They don't, however, publish that information for users to view/vote on all submissions, which I wish they did...and maybe they will someday. I will be disappointed if that is the case, so I hope you've guessed wrong on this one. While there are a lot of existing features/functionality, there are also what I consider to be issues with some of them, as well as room for enhancements or expansions to the existing. If I were to believe that the way they currently function is the way they are going to remain, I would be continually looking and testing competitors until I found one that had a different view of their existing customers. =) My! I didn't mean to be on my soap box so long!
  25. But then I'd be back to where I started...where I wasn't able to edit the Numbers spreadsheet from my iOS device. I had to save it, edit it in Numbers, and then delete the original attachment and attach the new copy, which also results in multiple copies residing in the iCloud folder where I saved the file in order to edit it in Numbers, unless the older versions are always deleted there, too. But the quick reading I did regarding Collaboration with iCloud Drive is that anyone who is given the link to the file can collaborate (view/edit), so I was thinking they would get the link by virtue of them having access to the note in the shared notebook. I'll have to do some more reading and test it with one of my shared users.
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