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  1. I 2nd this. I really like Evernote, but not having an easy way to compare and resolve conflicts is a definite productivity killer. I have to manually export each note and open them in a comparison tool - in this case the open source, cross platform, kDiff3, then after the conflict is resolved, import the result back into Evernote. Not optimal.
  2. Universal sort order works for most of my lists, but I have some lists that I would like to have a different sort order. It would be nice to have a sort order by list - or the ability to create a custom sort order for a list that is not affected by the universal sort order. It would be nice to have this on all clients - I use Mac, iPhone, and Web - Mac mosts often. Most of the time I use the sort by Date Updated, most recent first. However, I have a couple of lists that I would like to sort by title, alphabetic order. Currently, I have to switch the sort order each time I switch between the lists - it's also several clicks to switch - sort by type and then the order. Thanks, Brian
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