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  1. I have been happily using Evernote for years. Recently I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and I have been having a problem with Evernote since that upgrade. When I first start up my computer and load Evernote, everything is fine. But if I close it out, and then come back to restart it, it does not restart. I click on the icon and nothing happens. The only thing that I have found that works is that I go into the Task Manager, and shut down the Evernote Tray Application. When that is done, Evernote will start normally. This is really obnoxious to have to do this every time I restart it. Does anyone know how to get around this? I have the latest version of Evernote, (308094)
  2. I too was delighted to see the news update, and I immediately installed the update. But now my fonts are fuzzier and worse than before. My display is resolution is 2560*1440. I've tried a few fonts and they all look bad. Is there some font/size that will look clean and crisp on this display. The "update" to me has made the desktop version worse, not better.
  3. Thank you very kindly for the quick response. Dunh, I did not even know there was an EN Windows client! Yes, I have been using the web client. I just downloaded and installed the Windows client and sure, now I can see the directory and the EN exb file. But after using the web client all this time I do not like the WIndows client appearance and the way it works, and would prefer to stick with the web client. Is there any compelling reason to use the Windows client apart from being able to easily access the EN database on my local drive? Is there a way to use just the web client and still do a local backup? I could continue to use the web client and just open the windows client when I want to do a backup, but since I do frequent backups that sounds like a bit of a pain.
  4. Hi Folks, I am a newish Evernote user (just a few months) but very computer literate. I am quite fastidious about backups for everything I do, and since I am pouring my life into Evernote I certainly want to have a local backup, just in case of whatever. I have read this and related threads and searched elsewhere on the web and I cannot get to the export option on my EN web page, nor can I find the local Evernote database on my computer. . I am on a Windows XP machine (I know, I have to update that soon, but if it ain't broke don't fix it til you have to), and not a Premium user. There is no Evernote folder and no .exb file anywhere in my c:\Windows\Documents and Settings directory. And when I right click on All Notes, there is no export option. There is also no Tools menu, as implied in other posts. So where in the world and how do I find the directory where the full Evernote database is stored. I would really really appreciate it if someone could help me find where the EN directory/database file is so I can do a local backup.
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