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  1. fwiw you say Evernote sends individual reminders alerts on your Mac and iPad - well I use both the Mac and iPad but it's just one alert email that groups all the reminders of the day irrelevant of the time the reminder is set for. I would love to learn how managed to do it?
  2. Hi Gazumped - thank you for your comment - I would have thought that this is such an easy fix for Evernote. I like using Evernote but this is truly one annoying feature which I hope they fix soon. I like Evernote as I find it to be a very useful and productive app/tool.
  3. What I do not understand is that I create quite a few notes a day. They are all separate notes. The Reminder for each separate note allows you to pick not only a date but a time for the reminder. It's basically unnecessary to have the time option if the reminder e-mail covers all reminders irrelevant of the time set and sends one e-mail every morning at 8:00a.m. to list out all the reminders for the day irrelevant of what time I set the reminders for. Are there plans in the future to have the reminder e-mail sent at the time designated, rather than a blanket email to to cover all reminders for the day?
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