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  1. Thanks. This does help. But yes, I still do have this effect on the first click. And the first click is everything. Because i typically don't need to click on the note more than one time. Any idea why this bug is here?
  2. Can no one reproduce this behavior? It's been happening to me for years. On a Windows 7 machine
  3. When there is a SEARCH TERM in the search box, and i attempt to focus the text box, it only works every other time. Please see video. vid - focus bug.mp4
  4. I shall be blind in a year if i use this app. >.<
  5. Cool - Can you tell me how to turn those icons on? It says "You are using the latest version" of Evernote so i guess i have the new one. I'm in Windows 7
  6. Hmm ok well that's gonna take some practice. >.< As a feature request, here are my UI/UX recommendations: https://clevergizmos.com/resources/temp/evernote/
  7. >> "You can right click on a notebook and...create a new stack." that's cool Is this a command in the context menu...? I don't see this command "Create A New Stack."
  8. ugh there's no button to simply "Create an Empty Stack"...? It's very counter-intuitive to create a stack by "Drag and drop one notebook on to another notebook. A new notebook stack containing both notebooks will be created automatically." I"m a programmer, and I don't even understand what that sentence means. >.<
  9. Hmm thanks So if the first level of the tree is called "The Notebook" then what is the second level of the tree called? e.g. in the above video, what would be the proper name to call "Geography & Population"
  10. drag-question.mp4 In the above video, all I want to do is to Create a notebook called GEO, and then drag "Geography & Population" into it. What am I doing wrong? This is the most difficult tree ever.... ; ( In the first part of the video, I attempt a DRAG/DROP on top of the notebook. In the second part of the video, I attempt a DRAG/DROP, and release in that black line (below the notebook) But, both actions ***** up.
  11. If i have lots of categories in my tree, how can I locate it? e.g. How can I focus it? e.g. i'm looking for a button like "Locate in Tree"
  12. Ok it's 2014 Does anyone know if the latest version has fixed this issue? e.g. is my entire life still available to anyone with notepad.exe? Or have they encrypted it yet?
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