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  1. Mine isn't with color. For the past month any hyper links that I put in (web clippings, fwd emails have not been working on my iOS apps. Both Iphone & iPad. Either the keyboard pops up (links not being recognized) or the link takes me to a blank screen (that just hangs) in Evernote and the only way I can get back to Evernote is by exiting out of the app - closing it out & starting it up again.
  2. Mine haven't been working as well and Evernote is soooo slow on iOS when I'm out (on cellular data)
  3. Will there be palm rejection or palm rest soon for the sketching?
  4. So strange I just went to my iPhone & went to look at my shortcuts & they're all gone - go to my iPad same thing! I'm a longtime Evernote user never seen anything like this. Anyone else? Going to contact support tomorrow
  5. Yep ! Same thing is happening - I have lots of friends also contacting me with the same problem (I got them hooked on EN) And to answer your question Jeff - you can not create a new note and assign it to one of the missing notebooks because they aren't even showing up when you try to assign the note to a new notebook. totally frustrating. I will report bug
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