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  1. Hello, I am trying to edit a PDF in Evernote with Skitch. But when I try to save the changes it get this message: "You cannot make changes to this attachment because the note exceeds the 100 MB Premium user limit. The most recent version of the file that fits within the single note size limit will be kept. We recommend you save the current version to your computer." But the original PDF was only 33 MB, so I don't get why it is suddenly + 100 MB just from drawing a line in Skitch. Can anyone help me out? Best regards, Nikolaj de Haan
  2. Hello, When I am marking up a PDF from a note in Evernote and want to return to Evernote for writing something, Skitch just quit and I loose all my changes. Shouldn't it be able to use Evernote at the same time as you're marking up a note/PDF/image in Skitch? Is anyone else experiencing this? Best regards, Nikolaj de Haan
  3. Just adding that I would love being able to edit a pdf in Skitch and overwrite the original. RIght now I am running out of usage because I have to paste the new pdf every time I've edited it with Skitch (I'm working with some large pdf files for school...)
  4. Mindomo looks nice. However, I cannot get it working in my iPhone, is it only for iPad? Best regards, Nikolaj
  5. Hi there, I really wish there was a mind map feature in Evernote. But there no, so: I am looking for a mind map application that I somehow can use with Evernote, preferably bith on my Macbook and iPhone. So I am looking for a mindmap app where I can save the mindmap file in an Evernote note, and then open the file on my Mac or iPhone and edit the mind map, and then when I click save the changes are saved in the file in Evernote. Does this app even exist? I have tried Mindnode which is nice and minimalistic, but unfortunately Evernote imports its files as .zip-files, so I cannot open them directly from Evernote Thank you! Best regards, Nikolaj de Haan
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