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  1. Well, I thought this was a feature request forum, hence the plea to add the possibility to remove tables. But I guess I was wrong 🙄 (edit) I also should apologise, because I mistakenly took you for an Evernote employee, hence my disappointed reaction. I do appreciate you trying to help and offer workarounds, it's only the direction Evernote is apparently taking that worries me. So thank you for helping, and hopefully someone at Evernote takes these feature requests at heart.
  2. I always clip in the simplified form, but that doesn't help. And if I first have to save the page to a pdf and then add that pdf into Evernote, what's left of the advantage of having a web clipping tool? Just make formatting more visible in the editor, like it's done in other content editors. It would solve so many problems. About the webcontent being "frozen" into Evernote, that's an evolution I don't like at all. If you insist on moving more and more towards some advanced screenshot tool, then I'll move on to something else...
  3. When you clip content from blogs and other websites, the page is often arranged using tables. Sadly evernote transfers the content including the tables when clipping, and the tables are not removed when you choose "Simplify formatting". Most of all, these tables are invisible, and make your formatting and editing behave unpredictable, ***** up your notes. I would really like the ability to make these tables visible, to remove rows or columns from them and to remove the tables alltogether (without removing the content in them).
  4. Hi Jeff, I have never seen any dropdown arrow that gives table options, I'm even having troubles seeing any table or cell contours (I'm on the latest version, currently 6.10). Where do you see this?
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