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  1. Thanks jbignert -- I hadn't seen that 'filing dialogue' However, now neither of my chrome browsers will take the new or even the two previous extensions posted in this thread. It says Package Invalid when I drag drop to the manage ext. page. I've now lost the ability to cilp all together. I'm a premium user and this is one of my main requirements. Thanks.
  2. Why on earth would you remove the ability for users to save pages to specific notebooks -- and now go with option of only saving to default notebook? That's like a step backwards. Weird for a company moving as quickly forwards as Evernote. So... PLUS 1.
  3. Integrate Clearly into Dolphin please -- just a suggestion. Do this and I would stop using Safari :-) I also found this nifty workaround... I had suggested adding greater 'save' options to clearly add-on in chrome. So I could determine which notebook and tags to save to. But I just realised I can just hit Clearly for legibility and then hit Evernote clipper to save that legible Clearly-ized article. Doh. Finally, would still like to see a Clearly button / filter within Evernote to make already saved articles legible. Not sure if this is a great idea for everyone, but I'd dig it. Again.. great products, that keep getting better. Thanks! RC.
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