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  1. Picture size management is surely needed. My workaround is to email the pics from my phone or tablet to my Evernote email account. It lets me choose the size to send, and I choose medium. It seems to fit well on web pages and into emails. I yearn for greater control, and would like to just grab the corner to reduce a picture size. And just because, would really like word-wrap as well. Formatting is important, especially if you publish your Evernote notes on a blog like postach.io.
  2. Off topic, but I can highly recommend postach.io for blogging straight out of Evernote. I've just set it up myself and am very pleased with the end result. Supports comments and Google Analytics. I use a great program for Windows to resize pics - Paint.net. Fiddly to download, but free - it's a poor man's photoshop, and very good for adjusting levels as well. Regards, Brad.
  3. Evernote is a work in progress, and I actually like that about it. You blew me away because I just haven't been using keyboard shortcuts at all much, and I've realised I've been denying myself the use of a lot of easy functions. D'oh! My goodness, postach.io really works! Took a little bit of setting up, but I've got it working and I like it very much. All the third part apps are a bit to manage, but I very much see the advantages of setting them up. Having some trouble with disqus - it's late, and I'll look at it again tomorrow. I really do appreciate the great tips and this wonderful new toy that I have to play with Brad
  4. Find the keyboard shortcut, Brad. Now why didn't I think of that?
  5. Thank you both very much! Grumpy, I should have listed my wishlist in the post. It was lazy of me to just link my note. Thank-you for cleaning up. Lesson learned. Forever, what an amazing link! I'll spend the morning exploring Pstach.io, but it looks to me like you've found just the thing I needed. Clever people have been there before me I'm very grateful for the interest you took in my post, and I thank you for responding. Grumpy, I should have mentioned, I'm running the Windows7 client. Evernote is Evernote - it just runs on everything, and it's easy to forget. I'm very much an amateur in blogging, but the rigid disciplines of most blogging platforms annoy me. I can do whatever I want with Evernote, like even editing the post after it's published. And the features just keep coming. I'd pay my 5 bucks a month just to keep the R&D team ticking over - they do an amazing job. I'll admit I haven't crawled the forum here before, but have found so many interesting posts that I'm sure to hang around. Hope to see you both around. Thanks again for reading and responding
  6. Er... This might seem weird. I'm new here, never posted before. But I wanted to share my wishlist of desired features, other than on Twitter. Please see my post here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s121/sh/69912bfe-7304-41ce-9cef-d5f47fa2178b/1882a20f0968e686e5f3825e0ec537b8?noteKey=1882a20f0968e686e5f3825e0ec537b8&noteGuid=69912bfe-7304-41ce-9cef-d5f47fa2178b Thanks very much for reading Is it okay if I point out that I think that we people who use Evernote have a completely unfair advantage over the rest of the world, because our lives are all sorted, stored and searchable? Regards, Brad.
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