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  1. Everything works properly on the MacBook Pro. On the Mac Pro the Evernote Desktop Application is not allowing me to drag and drop files into notes (existing or new notes). I have tried dragging into open note windows, the Evernote icon in the Dock and even tried using the attach icon in the toolbar. I also signed out and signed back in - Uninstalled and reinstalled - and even switched users on the desktop app, but nothing worked. It will not allow me to bring in files (PDFs, PNGs, etc). Both versions of Mac OSX are 10.8 / Both versions of Evernote are 5.1.4 - It works on one computer but does not work on the other.
  2. I'm on a Mac Pro (10.8.3) running Evernote Desktop (5.1.4) and I am not a Premium User. The desktop app is not allowing me to drag and drop any type of file. Including images and PDFs. It does work on my MacBook Pro with all the same versions. Any ideas? Mike
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