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  1. Ah. Didn't know about those available options. There's the audio! Thanks. Are there better reccomended recorders for Android? This one in Evernote seemed to be functional. I wanted to record meetings/conversations.
  2. On my Nexus 5 (Android 5.1.1) I dont seem to be able to create an audio note. As per the Evernote instructions, from a text note if I click the microphone I am sent to the Google voice typing keyboard. This doesn't record the sounds in the room. It attempts to transcribe what someone is saying. I need to record the sound. I don't need a transcription. Any way to get around this, or are there 3rd party apps that record sound into Evernote?
  3. This doesn't work with an HTTP proxy which a lot of enterprises use. The proxy must be configured on a per app basis unless Evernote were using the IE Internet Options/Connections LAN Settings properties, which you are apparently not. I can connect to Evernote via my browsers, because I can set the proxy in them. The Evernote desktop app also appears to sync. My problem is with the Atlas, Market & Premium tabs on the desktop app which tell me I'm not connected to the Internet.
  4. That's a good suggestion Thanks! It's not a major issue as Evernote works and synchs fine. I just had a reminder note to follow up on this.
  5. I updated to, but the issue persists. The difference now is that the Trunk has been replaced with the Market. Now I can't see the Market as it claims I'm not connected to the internet. Premium gives me this error: Error -118 when loading url https://www.evernote.com/Checkout.action?layout=win&origin=evernote%20windows&offer=premiumTab Any suggestions?
  6. I just upgraded to Evernote 5 on 64-bit Windows 8. On my work machine I am behind an HTTP proxy that only allows connections on port 8080. When I go to the Atlas, Trunk or Premium tabs I am given errors complaining of a lack of connection to the Internet. Specifically on the Trunk I am given the error "you are currently not connected to the internet". This is odd because Evernote syncs fine, and I am able to log onto the web version of Evernote no problem. Is there some way I can tell the Evernote app to use my proxy like my browsers do?
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