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  1. Thank you, gazumped! I definitely want to make the notes with the email as an attachment (not just the text in the note) and your suggestion of dragging to the desktop then to Evernote worked. It's clumsy, but it works, thank you!
  2. Hello -- I have been using Outlook for a few years to store information and notes permanently, but am starting to use it as a "Getting Things Done" -- or GTD -- tool. What I'm doing is sending emails to Outlook and marking them as "action", "waiting for", etc. Then when I have taken the necessary action, I often need to reply to the original email. This requires me to go back to Outlook and find the email (which I have hopefully remembered to file under "Evernote") and reply. What I'd prefer to do is when I send the email to Evernote, it is sent as an .eml attachment so that right in Evernote I can click the email, open it, and reply from there. I know there are some workarounds such as saving the message and attaching it to a note, but I do this dozens of times a day and would like to make it as simple as possible. I've tried dragging the email into the note and it doesn't paste as an attachment. Does anyone know if it's possible to quickly add an email to Evernote as an attachment? Thanks! Christine
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