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  1. I would like for Evernote to be able to sort a checklist within a note. The user should have the choice of sorting alphabetically or sorting into checked and unchecked.
  2. We still have the option of reverting to the old web version. I did so, and now the ability to select multiple notes returned. Go to Account Settings > Evernote Web> and choose to use the old version.
  3. Please make it possible to save a tagged search in iOS, including searches with multiple tags.
  4. I find it very difficult to rename tags to change case when using the Mac client, but no problem when using the web version. When using the Mac client, it keeps trying to autocorrect the tag name to the way the tag was written initially.
  5. The ScanSnap iX500 permits scanning to a PDF/A-1b file. Does such a file become searchable if uploaded to Evernote?
  6. Are the PDF/A files created by scanning via ScanSnap searchable when uploaded to Evernote?
  7. My experience is that the programs used for recording relationships between persons (FamilyTreeMaker, Legacy, The Master Genealogist, Roots Magic) etc. are not necessarily the best for keeping and organizing the documents that prove the relationships. The programs that are good for organizing the documents and the facts they contain (e.g. Clooz and Bygones) currently do not have the capability of storing the information on the cloud so that it is accessible via the internet. Bygones had a lot of advantages, but the lack of technical support and the fact that it has not been upgraded for over ten years and no longer runs on the current version of Mac OS X make it unattractive (even though the price is good - free). Bygones also had a rather steep learning curve (as does The Master Genealogist). I woud like to use Evernote as a Research Log, showing which sources I have checked. If I have found something, I'd like to have a link to an image of the document or my notes from the document. I would like to tag each document with information that would help me categorize it, e.g. locality, surname, etc. I am still thinking about how best to organize this, but I see some great potential.
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