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  1. It suffered from the same behavior. I'm disappointed to hear that this bug has not been fixed, even though 6.7 beta. It seems that EN team can not recognize the problem, which makes me blue. I am not saying to reflect any complicated form. I just want you to paste it without maintaining any plain text, keeping line breaks and line headings blank, "as is". It seems that this half-yearly behavior is increasingly mysterious every time it is released.
  2. hit enter key repeatedly toworad bottom of window, cursor will sink under the page. while hit enter twice or more, cursor still sinks. when any printable character (e.g. 'a'), page will be scrolled up, and cursor will appear. OK : printable characters. (a-z, 0-9, ', ", #, ..etc.) and whitespace(' ') will pass. NG : enter, tab, and backspace. -- Desired Behavior: page will be scrolled.
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