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  1. I hope you guys will consider NOT placing the giant NEW NOTE button at the top of the Left Panel (or at least allowing us to hide it) and also not removing the New Note button from the toolbar. The Left Panel is incredibly valuable screen real estate, and the New Note button is eating heavily into that, and pushing down my Shortcuts to secondary status (and my notebooks and tags, etc). The New Note button in the toolbar works perfectly and has the dropdown for selecting what type of new note you're creating. Thanks for listening! Jay Winger
  2. Totally and completely agree! Creating notes through the voice command in Android is super cool, but it doesn't have nearly the impact it could if my voiced words could be the title of the note. Right now I just get a long list of notes all titled 'Note to Self' and I have to dig into the note text and manually rename each note with the subject. It would be so much better if I could say 'Note to self, buy broccoli at store' and the Note would be titled 'buy broccoli at store' telling me all I need to know from list view.
  3. This is one of a huge list of complaints/disappointments I have with Evernote 5. It often just does not have a horizontal scroll-bar, whether in snippet view, or separate window that is not maximized - making part of the note unviewable. This NEVER happened to me with Evernote 4. Pretty basic. How I wish they just added Reminders to the Evernote 4 interface and called it a day - so much more solid.
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